seokjin's album

1 г. назад

I took the idea from one of nadaboo's video XD this one : ——————————————— background music ...

it's no big deal

6 мес. назад

Thanks for 100k subs. instagram: @stfukiwi.

kissing bts (not really)

2 г. назад

bgm - jhope's angelic scream -

bts giving advice to their past self

10 мес. назад

audio taken from bts' interview with Liam : instagram: @stfukiwi.

a yoonmin love song

1 г. назад

infires by this super kawaii video : The original song :

suga glider

1 г. назад

instagram: @stfukiwi Audio used -

bts vs zombies

2 г. назад

okay I just like the idea of Tae calling Jimin “hyung” plus this is my video so I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT JUST DEAL WITH IT. In case you keep assuming that ...

bts outcast animation

1 г. назад

based on bts outcast au by flirtaus on twitter. 1) all bts 8bit music can be found in this amazing channel : 2) ...

minghao is mad

2 г. назад

bts stranger things

1 г. назад

oof sorry this didn't turn out good tho style of anime characters I based on: Yoongi- Kuroko Tetsuya/Usui Takumi Hoseok- Makoto Tachibana from Free Namjoon- ...

bts and zombies

1 г. назад

audio used - 1) bts gogo 2) run bts ep24.

Hyped up on Suga

2 г. назад

TURN UP Song used : For those who are confused that's actually Namjoon at the end for you can see there is jungkook's booger ...


1 г. назад

Audio :

if you don't shut up

1 г. назад

Yoongi is such a sweet guy ♡ Audio used - 1) If you don't shut up - 2) I don't like you -

give tae compliments

1 г. назад

song :

bangtan hospital

1 г. назад

Based on byebyesanwich's hospital au from tumblr. You can find the original masterpiece from here : Idea belongs to Edge!

watch out for his body rolls

1 г. назад

yeah you better watch out. Song-


1 г. назад

based on webtoon artist cho's comic my kitty and old dog ep 13 So basically it's about jimin abandoned yoongi(cat) because his girlfriend doesn't like cats.

amusing baby jungkook

2 мес. назад

fyi @stfukiwi is my instagram name. Audio taken from Dad Where Are We Going Season 3 Ep 9.

sope's love song

2 г. назад

I sarang ice bear oppa Song used :

happy agustd day

2 г. назад

it's also my birthday WINK WONK ;)) Audio used - Agustd -Agustd First love music box version - Kumamon nyam nyam nyam ...