OnelineLabels vs LD - What's Better For Making Stickers?

3 г. назад

The short answer is they're both good. Where to buy: or ...

Printful Poster Print Review

2 г. назад

These prints really make you see what you forgot to color in a drawing. Printful website: To get the discount, sign up and order a ...

S.H. Figuarts Body-Chan and Body Kun Unboxing/Review + Figma Archetype Comparison

2 г. назад

I'm sorry it's so long! I didn't want to split this into two videos when it's been so long since I promised this. The Body-Kun and Body-Chan have actually gotten a ... Purchase Review

3 г. назад

Good, cheap sticker paper is hard to come by. Paper bought:

FIGMA Archetype: Next He and She Flesh Color ver. Unboxing/Review

2 г. назад

AmiAmi: They're still in stock for 2620 yen (about 30 dollars) each! He: ...

Nendoroid Playset #02 - Japanese Life Set A+B Unboxing/Review Good Smile Company

2 г. назад

I love this set! Both are around thirty dollars each and shipping for both was about 10 USD. Took two weeks to arrive. Where I bought them: A: ...

Mikazuki Munechika 1/8 Figure Good Smile Company Unboxing/Review

2 г. назад

"'Well, they do call me the most beautiful of the Five Great Swords.' From the popular browser game 'Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-' comes a 1/8th scale figure of ...

Comparing all the mangos! Squishy Mango Comparison/Review

2 г. назад

WHERE TO FIND EACH: Cutie Creative Mango: kawaii4girls (restocking soon): ...

Hetalia: The World Twinkle Azone America Asterisk #8 Doll Unboxing/Review

2 г. назад

First Azone! He's adorable. Bought him from: ...

OLD VS NEW AOYAMA TOAST! + Got the pancake back! Squishy Package #22 - DelitefulBoutique

2 г. назад

DelitefulBoutique: Chawa Kakigori: IBLOOM Orange: ...

Re-purposing Stickers Tutorial- Turning a Sticker into a Magnet!

3 г. назад

I was sick when I recorded the voice-over, but I hope the rest was ok! My light was pretty blinding, eh? Materials: -Magnet sheets. The ones I used for this video ...

Banggood REVIEW Package! - Squishy Package #23

2 г. назад

WHERE TO BUY Squishy: Flash Deals: Long Strip Bread: ...

New Squishies from Suruga-Ya! Squishy Package #32

2 г. назад

Bought from: Proxy Used: ...

Gacha Haul from Kidsroom @ Rakuten Haul/Review: Jdream, Hands, Squishy, Squishy and Stretchy Toys

1 г. назад

I didn't notice at the time but the hand figure actually moves 360 degrees at the knuckle joints. How cool is that? Bought using FromJapan: ...

Anime Marchandise Haul! - AmiAmi, Suruga-Ya, Otamart

2 г. назад

Most of this bought from AmiAmi: Also Suruga-Ya: Otamart: ...

Sticker Haul and POP POP SHEEP! Squishy Package #20 - modes4u

2 г. назад

Must get all the Pop Pops! Squishies start at 4:41 Shipping time: one week. Free shipping is for all orders worth $68 or more. Both Pop ...

PuniMaru and more! Squishy Package #48 - modes4u

11 мес. назад

modes4u Puni Maru Pineapple Donut ...

Japanese Snack Haul - Candy-san Package #3

2 г. назад

Buy from Candysan at 5% off here: Thank you so much for 1k subscribers! I hope y'all like the Intro. Intro Music: ...

The return of the Mango Seal! Deliteful Boutique - Squishy Package #57

5 мес. назад

Deliteful Boutqiue iBloom Cutie Melon Pan iBloom ...

Peaches Galore! Squishy Package #28 - SillySquishies

2 г. назад

Silly Squishies: Puni Maru Cone iBloom Billie Whale ...

NEW iBloom Aoyama Tokyo Mini Toasts and Danish Flowery from Squishy Japan! Squishy Package #54

8 мес. назад

iBloom Toast Blindbags SET Aoyama Tokyo Danish Flowery ...