Sound meter testing the Mystic X

5 г. назад

We run a few guns past the sound meters with the X on it and try to give you some numbers. #silencer #suppressor #liberty #mysticx.


6 г. назад

We discuss the mystery surrounding the booster assembly and why it is needed.

Mystic X Silencer Cleaning and Mounting Options

5 г. назад

We go over some features and the mounts as well as the cleaning procedure. #silencer #suppressor #liberty.

3 Lug Muzzle Device Installation

1 г. назад

Dave goes over how to install the Liberty 3 Lug Muzzle device properly on your favorite PCC.

Liberty Suppressors Leonidas full auto

7 г. назад

I shoot the Leonidas upper in full auto on the M16 lower with remington subsonic ammo.

H.A.T.E. ring explanation

3 г. назад

We go over what the purpose is and how to employ the HATE ring with the Mystic X suppressor system.

Goliath Video

2 г. назад

The Goliath is our new, all titanium, 458 SOCOM specific can.


6 г. назад

We talk about the pros and cons of suppressors ownership.


8 мес. назад

We introduce the Vector! Our latest design in silencer technology where we make shooting AND cleaning your 22 silencer fun and easy. Hope you enjoy the ...

Liberty Suppressors Regulator Featureset

4 г. назад

We go over the features of our newest 22 suppressor in this video.

3 Lug Silencer Mount

2 г. назад

David talks about the 3 lug mount and some of the points to watch out for with it. Gun is a Dakota Tactical D54 A3 Silencer is a Liberty Suppressors Mystic X ...

Liberty Suppressors Constitution Suppressor on an M16

9 г. назад

This is a short video of a quick torture test of the Constitution Suppressor

Cosmic 45 ACP Suppressor

3 г. назад

The Cosmic is a 45ACP take apart suppressor designed to be used on a host of platforms and calibers.

Keep that can tight!

4 г. назад

We made a video showing some of the things we have figured out over the years with using suppressors.


1 г. назад

When you are told that it can't be done, you just go ahead and do it... We have successfully suppressed the MPX with an integral silencer and have it ready for ...

Liberty Suppressors Mystic Adapters Explained

7 г. назад

We go over the different mounting devices that fit on the Mystic and Infiniti Silencers to explain what each one is used for.

Mystic X 3 Lug mount

3 г. назад

We go over a little about the Mystic X 3 Lug mount to fit the HK MP5 sub-machinegun and it's derivatives.

Liberty Suppressors Whitetail Integral System

2 мес. назад

Say hello to the Whitetail by Liberty Suppressors! This is a complete suppressed hunting rifle system that is built on a Ruger American rifle in 6.5mm Creedmoor.

Mystic X Silencer Features

5 г. назад

Here is the features of the new Mystic X silencer! The features of this suppressor make this the perfect first time buyers silencer. The versatility in the modular ...

Instructions to follow before shooting through your new Liberty Suppressor

6 г. назад

We go over the list of instructions of what to do to ensure you do not get a baffle strike with your new suppressor. All of this can be found in the paperwork that ...

Regulator rimfire suppressor on the range...

4 г. назад

We take the new regulator to the range to demonstrate how it sounds on a couple of different host firearms.