Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks in to Ukraine

4 г. назад

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, so too does Russian President Vladimir Putin's denial of any Russian involvement. But a recent report from think tank the ...

Армія України 2019 / Army of Ukraine 2019

1 мес. назад

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Ukraine Army Shelled 9 Towns, Says DPR Army (ENG CC"S)

21 час. назад

Ukraine Army Shelled 9 Towns, Says DPR In Today's Brief (ENG CC"S) Join Team PLnewstoday and help me show the world what is really happening in the ...

The Kremlin's Secret War: Russia's Ghost Army in Ukraine (Full Length)

4 г. назад

The bitter conflict in Ukraine has cost thousands of lives, but the Russian government has continuously denied sending its soldiers to the frontlines, despite ...

Армія України - Army of Ukraine

3 г. назад

Армія України - Ukraine Army Specially thanks for the Turkish Air Force video which made by our Ukrainian friend. In this video ...

Армія України: Загартовані у вогні / Army of Ukraine: The Hardened in fire

3 г. назад

Присвячується всім воїнам, які боронять незалежність нашої країни і які віддали за це свої життя в боях....

War in Ukraine : Insane Combat Footage

10 мес. назад

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Ukrainian Army In INTENSE Training: Ukraine Stands Ready To Respond To Aggression

2 г. назад

Ukrainian Army soldiers from the 1st Airmobile Battalion, 79th Air Assault Brigade undergoing intense training at the Yavoriv Combat Training Center. Video ...

Army of Ukraine 2018 : Uprising • Армія України 2018 : Повстання

1 г. назад

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Ukraine - Seven Nation Army

2 г. назад

Video: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine - Audio: The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mod Remix) ====-====-====

Georgian Legion Joins Ukraine's Army To Fight Rebels

3 г. назад

The Georgian National Legion has recently become a part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This report is about why Georgian legionaries fight for Ukraine, what ...

Russia vs Ukraine - Military Power Comparison 2018

1 г. назад

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Армія України: "Загартовані у пеклi" / Army of Ukraine: "The Hardened in hell"

3 г. назад

Видео создано совместно с каналом Military Division: Music by Tybercore: Tybercore ...

Ukraine vs Poland - Army/Military Power Comparison 2018 (Ukrainian Army vs Polish Army)

9 мес. назад

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War in Ukraine Real Combat Intense Firefights Ukrainian Army in Fighting on the Frontline

7 мес. назад

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2 г. назад

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Could Ukraine hold off a Russian invasion? (And could US react in time?)

4 дн. назад

The video explores the current military strength of Ukraine, as of end of 2018, as well as the positioning and strength of Russian armed forces around Ukraine.

Novorossian Rebels Captures Debaltsevo from Ukraine Army

4 г. назад

Новороссия Повстанцы Captured Дебальцево из Украины армии Новоросія Повстанці Captured Дебальцеве з України армії...

Ukraine Army Weapons 2019 (All Weapons)

4 мес. назад

Ukraine Army Weapons 2019 (All Weapons) •Social Media • (Military Defense) •Aggressive War Epic Music Collection! Best Powerful Military soundtracks mix ...

US instructors frustrated with state of Ukraine army

4 г. назад

Ukraine's cash strapped army is to receive some three hundred million dollars in military assistance from America following the approval of Congress. While the ...

Fearless Female Soldiers Are Transforming Ukraine’s Military for the Better

1 г. назад

Historically, men have dominated the Ukrainian military. But positive changes in gender equality began to appear after the start of Russia's war in eastern ...