Revisionist Interpretation of Nazi Germany, 2

5 г. назад

Fringeelements, Revisionist view of Nazi Germany. Second speech on the matter.

Why we need a New Term for "Revisionist Historians"

9 мес. назад

People get confused by the term 'Revisionist Historian', thinking that revising or rewriting the past could lead us down a dark and distorted path. The problem is ...

The Revisionist World of Disney: Mary Poppins, Walt Disney and Saving Mr. Banks

1 г. назад

Disney's way of framing culture, history and stories may filter out a lot, but there is a reason why sometimes people need that Disney magic. Patreon: ...

Playing the Victim | Historical Revisionism and Japan

8 мес. назад

Nazi Germany always seems to be our go-to villain whenever we depict World War 2, despite the fact that Imperial Japan killed just as many people. Japan also ...

Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.: The Revisionist Historians

2 г. назад

Episode S0123, Recorded on January 23, 1974 Guest: Dean Rusk For more information about this program, see: ...

Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Inclusive Revisionism

4 мес. назад

Sorry for the long wait. I wasted 75 hours of my life playing a grindy game of obligatory side quests and refused to pay for the "Time Saver" packs. I hope you all ...

WW2 revisionism other than the holocaust 1 of 4

1 г. назад

Ernst Zündel interviews American researcher Charles Provan about the fascinating facts he has discovered about WW2 historical characters from SS judge ...

Revisionist View of Nazi Germany, 3

5 г. назад

Nazi Germany. Speech by Fringe Elements.

Revisionist History Podcast - Dave Hill and the Epistemology of Norwegian Black Metal

3 мес. назад

Revisionist History Podcast - Dave Hill and the Epistemology of Norwegian Black Metal - December 18,2018 Malcolm Gladwell sits down with comedian, ...

Historical Orthodoxy, Revisionism, and Post-Revisionism

3 г. назад

In recent historiography, it's been easier and easier to classify all scholarship into three camps: Orthodox, revisionist, and post-revisionist. This is the result of the ...

What is "Revisionist History"?

3 г. назад

Our Word Up series takes a word and breaks it down, so you know how to use it! We cover gaming words like nerf, buff, and what it means to be OP. We talk ...

David Irving - History & Revising Revisionism (2009)

1 г. назад

This is a long video ranging from account's of Irving's personal life, to revised facts and theories on Holocaust revisionism that split the revisionist community.

Battlefield V: Inclusive Revisionism

4 мес. назад

Games are quickly becoming propaganda outlets themselves. I wonder how pop culture will depict WW2 in 2042?

Common Cause - Jabotinsky and Revisionist Zionism (Myth20c - Ep85)

7 мес. назад

Marshaling a people to a common cause is never an easy task. In the case of the Jews, who have through history been spread throughout the world into highly ...

Murray Rothbard and Revisionist History | David Gordon

6 г. назад

The Dr. Don Printz lecture, presented at the 2012 Mises Institute Supporters Summit: "The Truth About War: A Revisionist Approach". Recorded at Callaway ...

The Lawrence Arms The Revisionist

8 г. назад

The Lawrence Arms- The Revisionist The Greatest Story Ever Told.

The Revisionist History of Islam's Origins

4 г. назад


Dirty Devs: Battlefield V DICE Social Ideology and Revisionist History

3 мес. назад

Chrono.GG ▻ https://Chrono.GG/SidAlpha Patreon ▻ Paypal ▻ Twitter ...

Malcolm Gladwell on Season 2 of "Revisionist History" podcast

2 г. назад

Bestselling author and longtime New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell is now releasing the second season of his podcast, "Revisionist History." The series looks ...