July/August Wrap Up: Harry Potter, The Magicians, and more!

8 мес. назад

Ok, so I've been bad about uploading on here because I hit a reading slump, but I think I've (finally) broken out of it. I also recorded a lot of Harry Potter content, but didn't want to spam...

Monthly Recommendations | Auto-read Authors

9 мес. назад

This month's topic is Auto-read / Auto-buy Authors - authors you love so much that you automatically read/buy any book they publish! Monthly recommendations Goodreads group: https://www.goodreads....

Booktuber TMI Tag

10 мес. назад

Original Tag by JiixBooks: Questions: 1)Who's clothes style from a book character, do you like?...

Current Reads | June 2017

10 мес. назад

Just a quick update on what I've been reading - and showing off my 20th Anniversary Edition of Harry Potter :) What have you been reading this week? Thanks for watching :) Find me on: Twitter:...

My Harry Potter Story | What Harry Potter Means to Me

10 мес. назад

I'd originally planned on posting this video later in the month, but as it's the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, I thought it fitting to post today. There are a hundred reasons why I love...

Weasley Book Tag

10 мес. назад

This tag was created by the lovely Alex of Alex's Fiction Addiction. You can watch the original here: Tag Questions: Arthur: A character with...

[Return To] Booktube Newbie Tag

10 мес. назад

Guess who is back! After almost a year away from booktube, I've decided to return to this channel and share my love for reading once again. Since things have changed in my life and my reading/video...

How to Write an Awesome Antagonist

1 г. назад

I've been getting a lot of requests to continue my writing series so here goes! From evil villains to selfish anti-heroes, here are a few tips to keep in mind when writing antagonists. Note:...

Life Update + What I've been reading

1 г. назад

Hello lovely booktubers! I've missed you! I just wanted to give you a quick update on what I've been up to, where you can find me, and what I've been reading! In short, it's been a busy past...

Update | What I have/haven't been reading

2 г. назад

I know it's been a while since I posted on this channel so I wanted to do a brief update video on why I haven't been posting much (hint: it has to do with being busy and having no time to read!)...

Top 5 Wednesday | Summer Reads

2 г. назад

I can hardly believe it's almost summer! Here are five books I love to read in the summer. What book are you most looking forward to reading this summer? I still really want to finish Passenger!...

NEW Channel Announcement!

2 г. назад

I've decided to start a new channel to post all my non-book related videos. I'll still be posting bookish videos on here, but I want to limit this content strictly to book-related content....

Story Time! Traveling + Studying Abroad

2 г. назад

Today I thought I'd try something different - many of you have asked to hear more about my travels in the UK (mostly England), so I thought I'd make a quick video on some of the funniest and...

My 26 Favorite Books

2 г. назад

In honor of my 26th birthday, I thought I'd share my 26 favorite books of all times! I limited it to fiction, and only one per series to make it easier. Note: the actual books I choose from...

Where to start reading Marvel Comics

2 г. назад

With two Marvel movies on the horizon, it's no wonder people are getting into Marvel comics! Whether you're considering picking up a Graphic Novel for the first time or simply want to get into...

Booktube Bestie Game! With Kristi the Book Slayer

2 г. назад

Original Videos: OHxXxSNAP13: Kellys BookSpill: Kristi's Channel:

2016 Priorities + 1 Year Booktube Anniversary

2 г. назад

It's hard to believe I've been on booktube a year now! So exciting and crazy at the same time! Thank you so much to all the wonderful friends and acquaintances I've made through this channel!...

Spells Tag

2 г. назад

Kristi joins me for yet another video! How this tag works is you choose 10 Harry Potter Spells and relate them to books. Original Tag by TurtleSympathy at:

Top 5 Wednesday: Buzz Words

2 г. назад

My first Top 5 Wednesday of 2016! Favorite Buzzwords. It took me a while to come up with these, but I had fun doing it! Thanks to GingerReadsLainey for creating Top 5 Wednesday! https://www.youtu...

Book + Holiday + Universal Studios Haul

2 г. назад

I'm back! I got a few exciting books for presents over the holidays, and bought some for upcoming buddy reads in February. I'm also showing off my Hogwarts robes! Harry Potter World Vlog:...

Story Time! Harry Potter World + Other Universal Studios Parks

2 г. назад

We had a ton of fun at Universal Studios. If you haven't been (and you like theme parks) you should definitely go. Also, if you love Harry Potter, it's a must. I can't explain just how exciting...