Muzzle Brake/ Flash Hider Combo Device Demonstration

4 нед. назад

We get a LIBERTY SUPPRESSORS MB/FH combo device out for you to see how well they work! This device is excellent at controlling muzzle rise when ...

Cosmic magic in a Haas Super Mini Mill

3 мес. назад

How do we make our Cosmic silencers? Watch and find out how the magic works. Light. Quiet. Durable. Cosmic. Check us out at

AR15 Buffer Comparison

5 мес. назад

We test a standard buffer versus our 4oz heavy buffer. This is an approximation, and we averaged the ejection angles and based our measurements on that.

How loud is your AR15?

5 мес. назад

We setup the sound meter to measure how far away you have to be so that you don't have to worry about a rifle gunshot damaging your hearing. To find a ...


6 мес. назад

We shoot two thousand rounds through a VECTOR in a single day so we can see how hard it is to clean it afterwards. Like, and subscribe if you enjoyed this ...

Vector Compilation

6 мес. назад What do we have here? Check out the Vector now! Thanks for your time!

Vector Disassembly Video

6 мес. назад

This is how we take the Vector apart for cleaning. Thanks for watching and we hope you will subscribe for more videos!


6 мес. назад

We introduce the Vector! Our latest design in silencer technology where we make shooting AND cleaning your 22 silencer fun and easy. Hope you enjoy the ...

QUIET the VECTOR is coming!

6 мес. назад

Get Ready! It's almost time!!!

Stay Tuned!!! Something new is coming for 2018!

6 мес. назад

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Installing the Sovereign Muzzle Brake Endcap

10 мес. назад

Have you seen our sovereign adapters? This is the muzzlebrake endcap and I show how easy it is to install it on the sovereign.

Liberty Suppressors is...

1 г. назад

We are having some fun around the shop floor and office and wanted to put it to music. We liked it so well, we thought we would share it with you guys too! Enjoy!

Mystic X Magic

1 г. назад

We have a little fun with the Mystic X in the vault and then go over some of the features of the Mystic X that make it so great for your first silencer. This was edited ...


1 г. назад

When you are told that it can't be done, you just go ahead and do it... We have successfully suppressed the MPX with an integral silencer and have it ready for ...

Merry Christmas 2017

1 г. назад

We love the Christmas season as much as the next guy! Merry Christmas from the Liberty family!!! Find us at We are on Facebook too as ...

Centurion on a 300 Blackout SBR

1 г. назад

We do a little impromptu test of a Centurion on a 8.5" 300 Blackout SBR to see what it will sound like...

3 Lug Muzzle Device Installation

1 г. назад

Dave goes over how to install the Liberty 3 Lug Muzzle device properly on your favorite PCC.

9MM Silencer Comparison at various positions

1 г. назад

We test some 124gr Minuteman Munitions ammo on a couple of our silencers from 3 different positions.

Silencer comparison sound meter data!!!

1 г. назад

We compare 4 different silencers on the same day with the same ammo so you can get a good feel for what the differences will be all in one caliber. Thank you ...

Cosmic 45ACP Silencer Overview

1 г. назад

We go over the features and do a little shooting with the Cosmic on a S&W M&P45...

300 Blackout Meter Testing

1 г. назад

We get out a couple of different silencer host weapons and shoot the Discreet Ballistics 190gr subsonic through them past our sound meter to check out how ...