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Li-Wen Hsu: Continuous Integration of The FreeBSD Project - BSDCan 2017

1 г. назад

From http://www.bsdcan.org/2017/schedule/speakers/343.en.html.

徐雯倩 Hsu Wen-Chien【你的心總要我猜 You don’t speak your mind to me】Official Music Video

6 г. назад


Wen Hsu: Wen Hsu, Courage as An Illustrator

8 мес. назад

Award Winning illustrator Wen Hsu examines the courage to be an illustrator Wen Hsu at CreativeMornings Hanoi, March 2018. Free events like this one are ...

徐雯倩 - 我的愛 / My Love (by Wen-Chien Hsu)

5 г. назад

1986年,改編西洋歌曲《Give Me Back My Love》(by Maywood) 原曲: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr_vopMywQI ...

Albert Castillo & Chiung-Wen Hsu : "LYRISCHE SZENEN"

3 нед. назад

LYRISCHE SZENEN (Lyrical Scenes) Recital Program (Teaser) with music by Falla, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Goedicke, Williams, Grieg. ALBERT CASTILLO ...

徐雯倩 Hsu Wen-Chien【美麗的預謀 A Beautiful Conspiracy】Official Music Video

3 г. назад


徐雯倩 - 美麗的約定 / Beautiful Promise (by Wen-Chien Hsu)

5 г. назад

1986年========================= 作詞:黃玠文,作曲:李富興========================= 我緩緩迎向你,以今生的美麗; 你回頭望著我,用滿眼的愛意。

徐雯倩 Hsu Wen-Chien【忘了男孩 Try To Forget That Boy 】Official Music Video

3 г. назад

忘了.男孩曲:剛澤斌詞:剛澤斌我也想你在電話裡不敢老老實實的告訴你我怕你笑我說"Little baby,你是否覺得委屈?" 我也想你我不告訴...

徐雯倩 - 夏日裡 / In Summertime (by Wen-Chien Hsu)

4 г. назад

1986年======================== 作詞:呂曉棟,作曲:馬兆駿======================== 夏日裡瘋狂的節奏,夏日裡醉人的美酒; 夏日裡清涼的和風,吹不 ...

2014 China master R16 Lin Dan【VS】Shao Wen Hsu

5 г. назад

http://www.yumantianxia.blogspot.com http://www.facebook.com/BadmintonLiveNews.

Wen Hsu - Manhattan Real Estate Agent

4 г. назад

Wen Hsu is a bilingual real estate agent fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin). She covers mainly Manhattan, and works with many international clients from ...

Chiung-Wen (Julia) Hsu on disaster management and the media

6 г. назад

Dr. Chiung-wen (Julia) Hsu is the 2011-2012 Fulbright Scholar and an associate professor at National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan. Hsu earned her Ph.D.

慶應チャレンジ女子テニス2017 ダブルスSF 岡村 HSU vs 瀬間 奥野

2 г. назад

岡村恭香/Ching-Wen HSU vs 瀬間詠里花/奥野彩加 2017 03 10 慶應日吉キャンパス蝮谷テニスコート.

Li-Wen Hsu: How to bootstrap a BSD conference -- BSDCan 2018

4 мес. назад

In this talk we will share everything before/during/after a BSD conference and the secret behind the scenes. We will also talk about what we learned from other ...

Trisha Broadbridge and Chiung-Wen (Julia) Hsu on differing gender responses

6 г. назад

Trisha is one of The Reach Foundation's original young leaders and since 2000 has been facilitating teenagers in educational programs which help improve ...