9 г. назад

Cliffans-Blanka, Deutscher-Schaeferhund,

Clif fans

6 г. назад


9 г. назад

Cliffans-Ira, Deutscher-Schaeferhund,

Cliff Richard - 1959 Live Concert - HQ Audio

7 г. назад

A vintage scrapbook collage depicting the birth of British Rock N Roll with Cliff Richard and the Drifters/Shadows from 1958 to 1962 to include the soundtrack ...

Swinging Blue Jeans - Be Bob A Lula - Live HQ Audio

6 г. назад

Swinging Blue Jeans with a live version of "Be Bob A Lula" to a collage of album covers and photos from 1962 to 1966 How did the Swinging Blue Jeans get ...

Swinging Blue Jeans A' Swinging

6 г. назад

Disclaimer: I do not own The Swinging Blue Jeans, their music or any images/music associated with the featured video. No copyright infringement is intended.

Cliff Richard live - Ready Teddy - 2 versions

6 г. назад

Two live versions of Ready Teddy from Cliff Richard. First up is the live BBC Saturday Club Light Programme Performances taped June 20, 1959 and released in ...

The Maestro_Prophet Cliffand his Spirital Father, Apostle James Newton

8 г. назад

Another Chance International Outreach Ministries, Lawton, OK (Apostles James and Nyjah Newton)

Swinging Blue Jeans - Full Canadian LP

6 г. назад

The very rare 1966 Swinging Blue Jeans LP "Don't Make Me Over" that got pulled by Capitol Records one day after the Canadian release is now here on ...

Swinging Blue Jeans - Some Other Guy - Live HQ Audio

6 г. назад

An energized live version of "Some Other Guy" by The Swinging Blue Jeans. The Swinging Blue Jeans followed other MerseyBeat bands to the "Star Club" in ...

Swinging Blue Jeans - C'mon Everybody - Live HQ Audio

6 г. назад

Swinging Blue Jeans with a live version of "C'mon Everybody" to a collage of album covers and photos from 1962 to 1966 How did the Swinging Blue Jeans get ...

I'M BACK FROM AMERICA (I didn't actually die)

3 нед. назад

Yup, I'm alive. I'll be doing streams and all that shortly! I visited Dragon and did a bunch of things, like put bowties on cats JOIN MY DISCORD TO FIND OUT ...

Cliffan Maxed Total!

10 г. назад

On runescape p-mod cliffan gets maxed out total/99 mining ***i do not own runescape jagex does***

Runescape - Cliffan's maxing party (2376)

5 г. назад

Can't believe I still had this. Pretty sure this was 2008, a bit after Summoning came out.

Swinging Blue Jeans - Don't Make Me Over

6 г. назад

Swinging Blue Jeans on the iPod while visiting Key Brickell.

Cliffan Take Max Total!!!

10 г. назад

Cliffan took max total the 28 Agust 9pm gmt =) He had alot of friends there so i decided to make a vid and upload for him=) OBS!!! u can hate this load... this is the ...

Cliff Richard - Rock 'N' Roll Data Base

4 г. назад

A chronological trip down memory lane rediscovering Cliff Richard's rock 'n' roll roots! Uploaded in HQ Stereo with a wide variety of low and high end turntables, ...

Gmod: Hells resort - Getting a new pair of pants [ Jusuf & Cliffan plays ]

6 г. назад

A pretty scary Garrys mod map called Gm_hellsresort. Get it on Steam workshop! Should i have facecam next time? Check out our new facebook page called ...

cliffan shows nasda123 summoning emote!

11 г. назад

woooot some one actualy took the tie to show me there 99 summoning cape..his name was cliffan and here it is.

Jusuf & Cliffan plays - Minecraft - Episode 1 [ Let's Play ]

6 г. назад

Started a new series with Jusuf. The music was from the Going Quantum podcast Ep. 58! The Going Quantum Podcast is Free on iTunes!