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【BTS 防彈少年團】金泰亨入坑小合集💕

12 мес. назад

此影片只是*小合集* 時間太長怕你們悶而且太長好像上傳不到...而且要保存影片很久...存儲空間也不太夠... 相信純粹這兩段影片都讓你入坑了所以我...

Chrobry Glogow - Odra Opole 30.8.13

5 г. назад

k'alexi on vicious underground dance tv

7 г. назад

k'alexi dj's as tabatha dances on vicious underground dance tv [can tv ch. 19 chg.] aliasg [ host ] ; [studio director] ; charles nelson [camera] ; mr. bill [studio engineer] !!!

【BTS 防彈少年團】閔爺跟厚比戴隱形眼鏡的差別💕

1 г. назад

這是我第一個影片希望多支持 影片第一次自然做得不是很好日後請多包涵❤ 禁止二改/二传※禁止在下方侮辱防弹※禁止在下方争吵Copyright...

【BTS 防彈少年團】把臉埋進防彈胸口所需的身高❤

11 мес. назад

禁止二改/二传※禁止在下方侮辱防弹※禁止在下方争吵Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own this video except edition. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's....

【BTS 防弹少年团】喜欢用肮脏的手抹在别人身上的金泰亨 ft.柾国硕珍号锡的小吃播

10 мес. назад

我多久没更了盒盒盒我知道你们也忘了我٩(๑`^´๑)۶ 来鲁来鲁我更新了还不快来看QAQ 你不看我可要去敲你家门了哦~~ 泰亨真是个脏孩子(?)为什么...

I Don't Care - MSP

4 г. назад

HEY! lmfao is the best here ;3 Now heres mwah new youtube video ;3 I do hope u enjoii B)

Baby Abuse

10 г. назад

sick asshole.

【BTS 防弹少年团】金泰亨你不可以乱教别人韩语啊!!!😂

11 мес. назад


Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch in Marriage / LEE & LESLIE STROBEL

10 мес. назад

Lee and Leslie Strobel join Cheryl Weber in the studio to discuss how they worked through their spiritual mismatch.

【BTS 防弹少年团】金泰亨中文进化史

3 мес. назад

永远都是20岁、长不大的金泰亨xD 说实话泰亨的中文标准了很多 ※要视频原网址可在置顶评论里查看哟~ 禁止二改/二传※禁止在下方侮辱防...

Henrikh Mkhitaryan |HD|

6 г. назад

Ice bucket challenge while in the icu

4 г. назад

My fiance does the ice bucket challenge while in his hospital bed I the icu!!!

【BTS 防弹少年团】防弹们的魔术表演合集🎲

11 мес. назад


【BTS 防弹少年团】当玧其和硕珍调换身份 将会发生什么事情?!

9 мес. назад

硕珍唱的歌曲(Rap):AgustD - Never Mind AgustD是玧其的另一个身份吧也算是另一种艺名想了解更多的可以上网搜搜Never Mind里边的词取自玧其的亲身经历...

If Only You Knew-Patti Labelle

8 г. назад


HCGs Got Talent: This Is It

8 г. назад

HCGs talent show at the Christmas Party 2009. This is the entry from the Content Management (Content, Photography, Data). A short tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson, via the famous...

Bipolar-Are You Crazy...Take Your MEDS!!!

7 г. назад

Bipolar can be managed with meds, so take them! I know where you're coming from, don't want to lose that feeling of bipolar mania and hypomania...are you CrAzY, take your meds...just go ahead...

3M PICC dressing change

2 г. назад

A4s dressing change picc.

Courts of Heaven - Pastor Cheryl given upgrade in heaven

2 г. назад

Pastor Cheryl Davies was about to lead a Court of Heaven case for the problem of child trafficking/medical kidnapping/CPS in Arizona and the nation. A few hours prior to this case, Cheryl...

CHG Christmas Party (11-4-2010)

7 г. назад

Here is a vlogg from the CHG Holiday Party at the Planes of Fame museum in Chino, Ca. I asked my friend, Christin (OkiHondaGirl), if she was interested in going and to my surprise she was!...