How to Play "Tonight You Belong To Me" (For Really Real) Part I - Ukulele

6 г. назад will take you to part II. Two part tutorial. This lesson will teach you the exact ukulele chords to the Steve ...

Blue Moon - Julie London version - Guitar Tutorial

4 г. назад

For Baron von Dudley. I never knew I made so many faces playing the guitar:) Custom Classical Guitar by Eddie Parshall ...

How to Play "Music for a Found Harmonium" on Guitar

5 г. назад

The late Simon Jeffes ditty which has become quite famous. A harmonium is basically an old portable organ powered by bellows attached to foot pedals. Custom ...

How To Fingerpick - Guitar Tutorial

4 г. назад

I wouldn't say these are the "basics" of fingerpicking; it's most of fingerpicking. Once you get used to the pattern, you can inject whatever embellishments you ...

Lagrima - Francisco Tarrega

6 г. назад

Some of the best music written and arranged for guitar is not very difficult to play. I don't think I'll ever learn to play fast melodies using the classical method ...

How To Play "Blue Shadows" on Guitar - Three Amigos

5 г. назад

A "seat of the pants" instructional guitar video. You have to strike when the iron's hot. (Lousy camerawork, but the chords are for real:) Please reply with any ...

Doc Watson - Sweet Georgia Brown - Guitar Tutorial

4 г. назад

From Doc's "Southbound" album - I just play it through slowly with some comments along the way. You'll have to put some work into this if you want to get it up to ...

Little Rascals Tribute - Ukulele Medley

3 г. назад

Something I put together some odd years ago (really odd:)

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies - Ukulele

3 г. назад

Enjoy! (Ukulele with midi background)

How to Play Hô-bá-lá-lá by João Gilberto on Classical Guitar.

4 г. назад

If you want to hear the complete song first - go to 13:33, or click here: What's to say? Watch & learn :) Custom Classical ...

How to Play "Tonight You Belong To Me" (For Really Real) Part 2 - Ukulele

6 г. назад

Part I - Part two of two part tutorial. This lesson will teach you the exact ukulele chords to the Steve ...

I Love Lucy Theme Song - Ukulele Version

3 г. назад

Live from Hollywood - The Ukulele Kid!

Find The Cost of Freedom - Guitar Tutorial

4 г. назад

I should probably remember to take the tabaccy out of my mouth when doing a vid :) Custom Classical Guitar by Eddie Parshall ...

Learn To Play "Romanza" - Easier Than You Think

5 г. назад

A classical Spanish piece named "Romanza" of anonymous origin. With a little practice, any guitarist should be able to get this "under his fingers". Don't quit ...

Shady Grove - Monday Morning Wrap Up.

7 мес. назад

Take your shoes off. Set a spell. Lost and found on an old handheld video recorder. Camera work by Uncle Wiggily.

Les Barricades Mysterieuses (The Mysterious Barricades)- Classical Guitar

4 г. назад

By Francois Couperin (1668-1733), written for harpsichord, transposed for guitar. Custom Classical Guitar by Eddie Parshall - OK ...

That's What I Like About The South - Ukulele, Uke, Ukelele version

6 г. назад

A tribute to Commander Cody, though it was originally performed by Bob Wills and written by Andy Razaf (Ain't Misbehavin')

Lulu's Back - Ukulele - Lyle Ritz version

3 г. назад

Found this on my old hard drive - forgot I had it.

Star Trek Theme Song - Ukulele

3 г. назад

How I figured this one out, I'll never know.

Santa Cruz - David Qualey tune

6 г. назад

Many versions out there - I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. This is a David Qualey composition. I figured it out by ear, but think it's fairly accurate. Custom ...

Cherokee - Ukulele Arrangement

3 г. назад

My arrangement. I guess it was a Count Basie number. Found on my old hard drive. Also, notice motorcycle tan running across lower knuckles.