How to Play "Tonight You Belong To Me" (For Really Real) Part I - Ukulele

6 г. назад will take you to part II. Two part tutorial. This lesson will teach you the exact ukulele chords to the Steve ...

Blue Moon - Julie London version - Guitar Tutorial

5 г. назад

For Baron von Dudley. I never knew I made so many faces playing the guitar:) Custom Classical Guitar by Eddie Parshall ...

How To Play "Blue Shadows" on Guitar - Three Amigos

5 г. назад

A "seat of the pants" instructional guitar video. You have to strike when the iron's hot. (Lousy camerawork, but the chords are for real:) Please reply with any ...

Lagrima - Francisco Tarrega

6 г. назад

Some of the best music written and arranged for guitar is not very difficult to play. I don't think I'll ever learn to play fast melodies using the classical method ...

Shady Grove - Monday Morning Wrap Up.

10 мес. назад

Take your shoes off. Set a spell. Lost and found on an old handheld video recorder. Camera work by Uncle Wiggily.

Find The Cost of Freedom - Guitar Tutorial

5 г. назад

I should probably remember to take the tabaccy out of my mouth when doing a vid :) Custom Classical Guitar by Eddie Parshall ...

Star Trek Theme Song - Ukulele

3 г. назад

How I figured this one out, I'll never know.

Doc Watson - Sweet Georgia Brown - Guitar Tutorial

5 г. назад

From Doc's "Southbound" album - I just play it through slowly with some comments along the way. You'll have to put some work into this if you want to get it up to ...

Lulu's Back - Ukulele - Lyle Ritz version

3 г. назад

Found this on my old hard drive - forgot I had it.

How to Play "Music for a Found Harmonium" on Guitar

5 г. назад

The late Simon Jeffes ditty which has become quite famous. A harmonium is basically an old portable organ powered by bellows attached to foot pedals. Custom ...

Learn To Play "Romanza" - Easier Than You Think

5 г. назад

A classical Spanish piece named "Romanza" of anonymous origin. With a little practice, any guitarist should be able to get this "under his fingers". Don't quit ...

How to Play "Tonight You Belong To Me" (For Really Real) Part 2 - Ukulele

6 г. назад

Part I - Part two of two part tutorial. This lesson will teach you the exact ukulele chords to the Steve ...

How to Play Hô-bá-lá-lá by João Gilberto on Classical Guitar.

4 г. назад

If you want to hear the complete song first - go to 13:33, or click here: What's to say? Watch & learn :) Custom Classical ...

Les Barricades Mysterieuses (The Mysterious Barricades)- Classical Guitar

4 г. назад

By Francois Couperin (1668-1733), written for harpsichord, transposed for guitar. Custom Classical Guitar by Eddie Parshall - OK ...

Cherokee - Ukulele Arrangement

3 г. назад

My arrangement. I guess it was a Count Basie number. Found on my old hard drive. Also, notice motorcycle tan running across lower knuckles.

How To Fingerpick - Guitar Tutorial

5 г. назад

I wouldn't say these are the "basics" of fingerpicking; it's most of fingerpicking. Once you get used to the pattern, you can inject whatever embellishments you ...

I Love Lucy Theme Song - Ukulele Version

3 г. назад

Live from Hollywood - The Ukulele Kid!

Jeep Grand Cherokee - Hidden Treasure Behind Center Console.

3 г. назад

Well, I didn't win the Lotto, but I solved an age old mystery.

That's What I Like About The South - Ukulele, Uke, Ukelele version

6 г. назад

A tribute to Commander Cody, though it was originally performed by Bob Wills and written by Andy Razaf (Ain't Misbehavin')

Favilla Baritone Uke

6 г. назад

Using Lyle Ritz tuning (d-G-B-E). Basically it's similar (in parallel) to the standard soprano tuning, just tuned a 4th lower. This was recorded through a Kodak Zi8 ...

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies - Ukulele

3 г. назад

Enjoy! (Ukulele with midi background)