Wing Tsun Fung


wing chun fung chun and sifu garry touching hands in gulo village

9 г. назад

After walking through the ancient wing chun village of gulo, GM fung chun takes sifu agrry and sifu linda to a local restaurant for lunch and while there, fung chun ...

wing chun fung chun techniques

11 г. назад

shaolin jee shin wing chun student, eric, compliments grandmaster fung chun as he demonstrates his philosophies on kulo wing chun kung fu.

Sifu Derek Fung's Christmas Wish To All Wing Chun Practitioners

1 г. назад

Please support us at: From: I'm still processing the fantastic gathering that ...

Sifu Francis Fong - Trapping Concept | FFIA Public Video

2 г. назад

Sifu Francis teaching trapping during FFIA Affiliate Camp.

Sifu Sergio presents impressions of a day spend with Gu Lo Wing Chun Sifu Fung Chun

7 г. назад

Sifu Sergio Iadarola presents impressions of a day spend with Gu Lo Wing Chun legend Sifu Fung Chun,we left out translations this time around as it pretty ...

Sifu Sergio presents a visit by Gu Lo Wing Chun Sifu Fung Chun

8 г. назад

Sifu Sergio Iadarola Presents a visit by Gu Lo Wing Chun Sifu Fung Chun who is the oldest lliving Wing Chun Sifu from a generational Standpoint,Sifu Fung ...

Wing Chun: Big Guy vs Little Guy - Can Skill Beat Size?

2 мес. назад

Hi, thanks for watching our video - if you like our approach to Wing Chun and would like to see more, please join and support my own Sifu, Mr Derek Fung, direct ...

3 Stages of Fighting with Grandmaster Jim Fung

4 г. назад

Grandmaster Jim Fung explains the three stages of fighting in Wing Chun - bridging the gap, breaking your opponent's guard (chark jong) and sticking hands ...

Where Does Wing Chun Get Its Power From?

4 мес. назад

Where does Wing Chun get its power from? From dynamic hand techniques? From "secret footwork"? From the "advanced" later forms? No. The answer is ...

小念頭 Siu Nim Tau by Sifu Jim Fung

2 г. назад

Sifu Jim Fung demonstrates Siu Nim Tau, the first empty-handed form of Wing Chun. Filmed in 2005 at the International Wing Chun Academy in Sydney, ...

Best Wing Chun Kung Fu Motivation

3 г. назад

Training Motivation for Wing Chun / Wing Tsun and JKD. Follow me on FACEBOOK: Follow ...

Wing Chun featuring Grandmaster Jim Fung (DVD) Preview

9 г. назад

A short preview clip from Grandmaster Jim Fung's 'Wing Chun' DVD, available from Stream the remastered ...

Wing Chun's Core Concepts (HD)

10 г. назад


Sneak Peek - Jut Sau, Wing Chun's Neglected Technique

2 г. назад

A sneak peek into Sifu Derek Fung's new website and the great training material you can find there! In ...

Wing Chun's Power of Relaxation - Part 1 of 3

10 г. назад

Chief Instructor Tony Psaila discusses Joint Rotation in Part 1 of the Power of Relaxation. For more exciting videos and information on Grandmaster Jim Fung's ...

Sifu Derek Fung Wing Chun

3 г. назад

Wing Chun Kung Fu Force Generation (AWESOME!)

13 г. назад

I found this video on It has some really awesome demonstrations. The full video is available there, but I borrowed a few parts and ...

The International Wing Chun Academy

10 г. назад

Introduction to Grandmaster Jim Fung's International Wing Chun Academy. The Academy has headquarters and branches in NSW, QLD and SA (Australia), and ...

What is Bong Sao in Wing Chun?

5 г. назад An explanation of Bong Sau (詠春膀手), Wing Chun's trademark hand by Sifu Derek Fung. Sifu Derek Fung is Wing Chun master and the ...

Wing Chun's Siu Nim Tau Form (HD)

10 г. назад

Wing Chun's Siu Nim Tau form as demonstrated by Chief Instructor Albert Chong of Grandmaster Jim Fung's International Wing Chun Academy. For more ...