The "North Forty" - Blakesburg 2017

1 г. назад

There are different ways to see the hundreds of antique airplanes that attend the annual AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in held at Antique Airfield in Blakesburg, Iowa.

Introducing the North Forty at Tetherow, Proundly listed by The Ladd Group

10 мес. назад

Finally, the perfect homesite you've been waiting for, available this Spring: Introducing the "North Forty at Tetherow," the final phase of the Crescent ...

Make Your Own Exploding Targets - .22 sensitive and rifle

1 г. назад

Showing and shooting 5 different exploding target recipes. Tried and True, and some experimental recipes.

Fragmenting Bullets hitting Steel

4 г. назад

Up Close and slow motion on the gong targets with the ar-15.

Rem 887 and Some Exploding Clays And Slug Shooting

2 г. назад

Trap Shooting and some Slugs with the Rem 887, and don't miss the special new clay bird inserts.

Rossi model 94 - Steel Slapping Fun

4 г. назад

Some Lever Action Shooting with the Rossi model 94 .357 or .38 Special in this Case.

Taurus pt1911 and some Steel Slappin' Fun

2 г. назад

Shooting some hard cast lead slugs and ringing some steel with my pt1911.

Low Recoil Rounds for Model 99 Savage in .300 savage

2 г. назад

Some hard cast lead rifle bullets with a reduced load for low recoil and easy on softer steel targets. Savage Model 99 in .300 savage.

Veline Color Star Fireworks 1.5 in. can shells

1 г. назад

1.81 in. shells with veline color stars. red, green, orange and blue. A few rockets and some other various 1.81 in. shells. Easy to make from kit purchased at ...

22 Shortage is Over Load Up / AK- 22 Armi-Jager AP 80

2 г. назад

Shooting steel and some exploding targets for you with my Armi-Jager AP 80.

Rim Launching with Exploding Targets

8 мес. назад

Launching some rims with Ammonium Nitrate Exploding Targets using the ar-15.

1.5 inch Can Shells

2 г. назад

Some novice fireworks..... now that I have some consistency in my shell building I can start working on more shell inserts. That should keep me busy this winter.

Launching Some Rims and a Pot With Exploding Targets

4 г. назад

Launching some rims and a pot with exploding targets and the DPMS MP4.

Buried Exploding Targets

4 г. назад

Buried some 3 1/2 lb exploding targets and moved some boulders.

crosswind on the north forty 001

2 г. назад

Had to crab her in--took about 1/4 right rudder to hold the crosswind.

Some Sugar Rocket Launching

2 г. назад

Some Homemade sugar and potassium nitrate rockets.

Some Tree Line Scenic Shots and the Flag

2 г. назад

Some swaying aspens and wind blowing against the American Flag.

Low Recoil Rounds for model 94 Winchester

2 г. назад

Shooting some low recoil hard cast lead rounds with pistol powder and some exploding targets with my 40's,50's Model 94 Winchester.

2014 Off-Road Short Course Nationals Round 1

5 г. назад

2014 Off-Road Short Course Nationals Round 1 at the North Forty Cycle Park in Denison, TX (January 25, 2014)

FBI Came To Confiscate My Makarov .380 Double Stack

2 г. назад

Shooting my .380 ACP Baikal IJ-70 Russian Makarov with Comp Barrel and some stories about obtaining it and owning it.

The North Forty

1 г. назад

Air front yard, November 2017.