Suhail Durrani


CDA Islamabad dg Admin sohail durrani caught in lift By SHBtube

2 г. назад

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Aik Din Geo K Saath with IG KPK Nasir Khan Durrani || 31 Dec 2016 - Geo News

1 г. назад

Recommended Channel!! Aik Din Geo Kay Sath with IG KPK Nasir Khan Durrani 31 December 2016. Geo News.

FA5: Uproar Mehmosh Raza vs Haroon Sohail Durrani Pakistan MMA Mixed Martial Arts

1 г. назад

Fight 9 of FA5: Mehmosh 'The Renegade' Raza of Fight Fortress Islamabad vs Haroon Sohail Durrani of Synergy Fitness & Mixed Martial Arts Brought to you by Impact Sports Production, Shehan Shah and UMT.

CDA Islamabad DG Sohail Durrani caught in lift CCTV footage

1 г. назад

CDA Islamabad DG Sohail Durrani caught in lift CCTV footage capital development athority dircter general caught in lift with girl kissing hug exetra mega scandal for more videos please...

To The Point with Mahmud Ali Durrani

3 г. назад

In conversation with Major-General (Retd.) Mahmud Ali Durrani, Former National Security Advisor, Pakistan. Anchor: Bharat Bhushan.

sohail durrani

9 г. назад

nice one.

Tehmina Durrani

5 г. назад

For more on Karachi Literature Festival, click on the link:

Jin Readin Quran In Makkah

10 г. назад

I was forwarded this video in mail, wanted to share it. pls comment how true is this. LANGUAGE - ENGLISH ONLY ANY TYPE OF ABUSES WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED.

Sindhi Tele Film Rat Ja Rishta Official Trailer.Agha Sohail Durrani

4 г. назад

Sindhi Teli Film Rat Ja Rishta Official Trailer. Producer & Writer:Agha Sohail Durrani Director:Zafar Khokhar (03337273260)

Greatest Klaas House Mix

9 г. назад

My 2nd of its kind. collection of a few good mixes done by KLAAS. Track list (in order): Fentura - Live It [Klaas Remix] DJ Antoine - This Time (Klaas) Jean Elan - Where's Your Head At (Klaas...

Khara Such with Mubahser Lucman | Exclusive interview with Tehmina Durrani | 28 Feb 2017

1 г. назад

Khara Such with Mubahser Lucman | Exclusive interview with Tehmina Durrani | 28 Feb 2017 (Host) Mubahser Lucman (Guest) Tehmina Durrani (Host) Shahbaz Sharif Politics , violation of LAW...

Aap Mein for Tehmina Durrani

3 мес. назад

With love for Tehminaji.

A Teppanyaki Experience

4 г. назад

Our second Teppanyaki experience at Shiro, Bangalore.

Shahbaz Sharif Has no property in London.Tehmina durrani

2 г. назад

Nawaz Sharif and his Family have Properties in London But Shahbaz Sharif has no property in London.Tehmina durrani.

Ghostly figure

9 г. назад

There was a ghostly figure captured by our mobile phone at 3am, Apparently we had clue about it and continued talking about the feeling about that place and past of it. The road is genuinely...

Monster Hummer, Riyadh

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Ford Fiesta VS Ankur

10 г. назад

Ankur loses his cool to a Fiesta.. and its driver.. ie ME.. small and senseless vid to ppl who don know our KELA aka Ankur, but for ppl who knw him... u'l be laughing ur head off...! ENJOY!

Countdown 2011 UB City - Bangalore

7 г. назад

Red Carpet Carnival, UB City, Bangalore.

iPhone 5S Slo-Mo Firecracker 1

4 г. назад

Enjoying Diwali crackers slo-mo style.