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25 Peruvian Foods You Must Try | Peru Food Guide

4 дн. назад

Join us in this video as we highlight the best 25 Peruvian food you must try in this Peru Food Guide from destinations such as Lima, Cusco, Iquitos, Puno, Lake ...

Greek Food Review | Trying Traditional Greek Dishes in Santorini, Greece

2 мес. назад

Join us for a Greek Food Review as we try all kinds of traditional Greek dishes and some local Santorini dishes at our favorite restaurant in Santorini, Greece: ...

GET TO KNOW SAM & AUDREY: FAQ'S About Travel & Life

4 г. назад

We've really appreciated all of the support with our Youtube travel channel & videos over the past two years. Along the way we've been asked a lot of questions ...

Peruvian Supermarket Tour + Peruvian Foods to Buy in Lima, Peru

1 мес. назад

Come join us for a Peruvian Supermarket Tour as we head to our favorite grocery store (Wong) in Lima, Peru. Inside of Wong supermarket we showcase some of ...

Greek Breakfast in Santorini, Greece

2 мес. назад

Come join us for traditional Greek Breakfast review in Santorini, Greece as we sample a huge selection of Greek food items with George as a special guest.

Eating Traditional Peruvian Food in Lima, Peru at El Bodegón Restaurant

2 нед. назад

Come join us as we visit Gastón Acurio's El Bodegón Restaurant to eat traditional Peruvian food in Lima, Peru. After visiting two of Gaston's restaurants and ...

Greek Street Food Tour in Athens, Greece

2 мес. назад

Come join us for a Greek Street Food Tour in Athens, Greece as we eat our way around Athens Flea Market. With a plethora of options to sample street food in ...

Austrian Food Review - 4 Dishes to try in Vienna, Austria

11 мес. назад

Come join us for Austrian Food as we review 4 different dishes that we try eating in Vienna, Austria at Schweizerhaus restaurant located in Prater. Having arrived ...

10 Reasons Why We Love Peru ❤️

3 дн. назад

Join us as we share 10 reasons why we love Peru. We've now been visiting Peru for travel and to visit family almost annually since 2015. We've come to like ...

Breakfast in Poland | Eating Polish breakfast in Krakow

1 г. назад

Join us for breakfast in Poland as we visit Moment cafe to eat both traditional Polish breakfast items as well as a more contemporary menu in Krakow, Poland.

Mount Vesuvius and Herculaneum Day Trip in Naples, Italy

6 мес. назад

Join us as we visit Mount Vesuvius and travel to Herculaneum on a day trip from Pompei, Naples, Italy. GEAR WE USE Panasonic GH5: ...

Pizza in Croatia Review - Trying Croatian Seafood and Istrian Pizza in Pula

9 мес. назад

Come join us for pizza in croatia in this food review as we order a Croatian seafood pizza along with a local Istrian pizza in Pula, Croatia at Pizzeria Jupiter.

Worst Travel Day EVER! Kathmandu, Nepal to Delhi, India

1 г. назад

Have you ever experienced a bad day of travel? On our way from Kathmandu, Nepal to Delhi, India we had our worst travel day ever! It basically was a series of ...

Summer weekend Barbecue in Canada with Audrey's Dad the Grill Master

2 г. назад

Come join us for a Canadian summer barbecue in Canada where Audrey's dad Daniel, better known as the grill master from Argentina, prepares a massive feast ...

Slovenia to Croatia by Bus Travel Vlog

9 мес. назад

Come join us for a long day of bus travel as we head from Slovenia to Croatia via Italy starting off at Ljubljana and the changing buses at Trieste and finally ...

Italian Food Review - Eating Local Pasta and Dessert in Matera, Italy

7 мес. назад

Come join us for an Italian food review as we try eating local pasta and dessert in Matera, Italy at The Cave Sassi Restaurant (La Grotta Nei Sassi Ristorante) ...

Authentic Italian Pizza in Italy eating at Alleria Pizzeria in Pompei, Naples

7 мес. назад

Join us for authentic Italian pizza in Italy as we visit our favorite pizzeria in Pompei, Naples to sample delicious margherita pizza, appetizers and dessert in an ...

Breakfast in Hvar, Croatia

9 мес. назад

Join us as we have breakfast in Hvar, Croatia at BB Club cafe ordering shakshuka, a fully loaded omelette and nutella pancakes with walnuts. Given it was the ...

Living in Lima, Peru | Behind the scenes our life in Lima vlog

1 нед. назад

Join us for a behind the scenes look at our life in Lima in this vlog as we highlight what it was like living in Lima, Peru for nearly a month as we visited family for ...

Montenegrin Cuisine - Trying local food in Budva, Montenegro

8 мес. назад

Come join us for Montenegrin cuisine at Jadran Kod Krsta restaurant in Budva, Montenegro to sample local food. With fall weather quickly turning to winter we ...

Peruvian Cuisine Review - Eating Amazonian Food in Lima, Peru from the Amazon Jungle

1 мес. назад

Join us for a Peruvian Cuisine Review as we head over to a Amazon jungle restaurant in Lima, Peru where eat typical Amazonian food. Some of the typical ...