Dogtooth jigging

1 г. назад

November 2015 saw us hit holmes reef for some solid dogtooth tuna jigging sessions.

Boys vs Osprey Reef 2014

3 г. назад

Recent trip to osprey reef in the coral sea onboard "onsite" skippered by dean beech. Variety of species encounted, 700lb blue marlin,700lb black marlin, gts,dogtooth,wrasse,sailfish and a...


2 г. назад

WATCH THIS SHIT IN HD YO*** Josh Coppinger of the Arizona Wake Devils and Dillon Randolph (green) Destorying the salt, slaying that post rain chocolatey goodness in beautiful Long Beach...

Commercial Spearfishing "Salty Slayer"

2 г. назад

Commercial spearfishing the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

RE5 Versus: Team Slayers ( very salty players )

1 г. назад

Me & my girl were playing some Team Survivors against these two and after a few rounds they finally won. So she asked me to help her get the 40 combo trophy.... So these two wanted to get a...

Trek to trolltunga (trolls tongue)

3 г. назад

instagram: adfergalicious Our journey to trolltunga,Odda,Norway.Approximately 8-10 hours round trip.Terrain includes abandoned railway tracks, mud,rocky outcrops, snow ,water streams and grassy...

fergo,copsa and friends

3 г. назад

Hi guys, heres a clip of a few fish from 2013/14 summer on the nsw east coast. Includes the usual suspects with a few cameos from a couple of the boys around the scene. check it.

Fergo and Copsa-part 5 Coral Sea trip

4 г. назад

Hi guys this footage was shot over a 5 day period up off Townsville at Flinders Reef. We fished out of a 48 Riviera with Northern Conquest Charter, we had a great skipper "Dean Beech" that...

Fergo and Copsa-Part 3. CORAL SEA GT 28 kgs

4 г. назад

While on a recent trip to Flinders Reef in the Coral Sea our skipper Dean Beech put us on to some good GT action with Fergo landing this GT which tipped the scales at 28 kgs.. hope you all enjoy =)

Tagged Blue marlin

1 г. назад

This fish was tagged off forster nsw in march 2016.The fish was recaptured by a gold coast fishing club boat "Grinner" exactly 5 months later 272 miles north east from original tag location.

Fergo and Copsa-Part 2 Whale Shark, Cobia and live baiting Kingfish

5 г. назад

long weekend trip away fishing turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences after bumping into a curious WHALE SHARK.. CHECK THIS CLIP OUT.

[Hearthstone] Endless Slayers

7 мес. назад

Hearthstone Un'Goro | A highlight of the most slayers I've encountered in a single Arena game Get Awesome Games ▻ Kripp's Hearthstone Stream ▻ http://www.twitch...

Crazy Salty Angry People Vs Riders | Road Rage Compilation

8 мес. назад

FREE SHIPPING only thru December Use this coupon: --~-- ➡ SUBSCRIBE - ...

Fergo and Copsa -Part 1, Cobia,Kings,Marlin,Spanish,Jew,Tuna

5 г. назад

hi viewers this was made over a 4 month period from new years to april in 2013, most of the fishing took place on the mid north coast of NSW Australia. with using mostly live bait techniques...

'Chanel West Coast Goes Off on Charlamagne Tha God' Official Clip | Ridiculousness | MTV

7 мес. назад

Chanel West Coast goes off on Charlamagne Tha God for comments he previously made about the rapper. Watch full episodes on the MTV app! #ChanelWestCoast #CharlamagneThaGod #Charlamagne #MTV...

VOLKS Lina Inverse Garage Kit (Kira) - Salty Sweet Arcade

3 мес. назад

Click to Subscribe ▻ Today Kira builds her Lina Inverse garage kit figure she got at Anime Expo...spoiler its a lot harder than we thought it was going to be! xD -----------...

Strengh 1N Numbers Round 5: OnG vs. WotDG BR#28

5 мес. назад

It's finally here folks. Round 5 of Strength 1N Numbers presented by Team Salty Bitches in correspondence with the A.C.A. (American Chimping Association). You all know our motto: If you ain't...

Let's Stream Soul Calibur V - Create-A-Character Salty Bet!

1 мес. назад

Tekken characters, Street Fighter, Smash Bros, Kid Icarus, Scott Pilgrim, Slayers... American Politics? We place our bets on who will win these CPU vs CPU battles! Broadcasted live on Twitch...

He called me a spammer noob so I beat him with the ningen slayers

2 мес. назад

Sorry this video took so long I'm at an impasse it's been awhile since I had to do a commentary video I have a bigger audience now that I did back then so it's kind of nerve-wracking as you...