What Women's Rights Looks like Saudi Arabia | Fortune

2 г. назад

Lubna Olayan, Chief Executive Officer, Olayan Financing Company Interviewer: Maithreyi Seetharaman, Anchor and Executive Editor, Euronews; Co-chair, ...

Building Saudi Arabias Future Economy

8 мес. назад

In view of the Vision 2030 plan to diversify Saudi Arabia's economy, what are the prospects for transformative economic change in a shifting regional and global ...

Saudi Women

6 г. назад

saudi female , saudi women , saudi arabia , hayat sindi , nadia bakhurji , mashael al-shemimry , hanadi al-hindi , suad al-shammari , hala al-nasser , haifa ...

DAY 1 - The pulse of change - English

11 мес. назад

HRH Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Class III composite preparation and restoration

2 г. назад

Class III composite preparation and restoration Done by second year students as a part of the 213 RDS course students: Shoug Al-Olayan Noura Al-Hatalani ...

Day 2 - Voices of tomorrow

11 мес. назад

FII 2017 Opening

11 мес. назад

Albaik Saudi Arabian FastFood

7 г. назад

best Saudi FastFood ever.

Al-Waleed bin Talal Lifestyle,Quotes,Career,Biography,Childhood,Family,Toys

6 мес. назад

Al Waleed Bin Talal is one of the richest individuals in the Middle East, who has proved that he has more to him than a good fortune and a luxurious lifestyle.

King Salman & Putin eye energy, arms deals

12 мес. назад

The trip to Russia is the first of its kind by a Saudi monarch to discuss energy contracts despite discord over the Syrian conflict. TRT World speaks to political ...

2016 11 18 saudi riyadh oleyya camp death story of katpagavalli (kalpana)

2 г. назад

A.S.M.ismath sri lanka muslim congress kelaniya main organizer.

Surah al-Baqara 1-43 | Imaam Khalifah

4 г. назад

Follow: Donate: Masjid Al-Humera Sort Code:30-00-83 Account No:01258401 IBB Visit: ...

Yoda Accidentally Included in Saudi Arabian History Book - IGN News

12 мес. назад

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Education is recalling all copies of a history textbook after it emerged that they have accidentally rewritten history by including a picture ...

Sura 67 Al-Mulk // Saud Al-Shuraim

9 мес. назад


Recitation of surah Al-Fatihah & surah Yasin, verse 1-30 by Othman Al-Maghribi

8 г. назад

Othman Al-Maghribi of Al-Jalal Masjid, Luton leading the Isha salaah in Al-Jalal Masjid. Othman recitation is of surah Al-Faithah and surah Yasin, verse 1-30.

Fighting for Freedom in Saudi Arabia

2 г. назад

Sanam Shantyaie introduces us to Souad al-Shammari - a woman who's been jailed, and banned from travelling overseas ... simply because she's fighting for ...

Makkah Hotels near Masjid Al-Haram (Kaaba), Makkah

4 г. назад

This is a video about Hotels near Masjid Haram, Kaaba, in Mecca (Makkah). It gives an idea of hotels near walking distance from Al-Haram Mosque.

Illuminati ka Islam ko Khatam Kerney ka Khofnaak Mansoba - Turkey Saudi Arabia Pakistan. India Jang

2 г. назад

Muhammad Qasim's message to the Muslim Ummah: Pakistan's existence is not for nationalism or a mere piece of land but for the Rise of Islam. Pakistan is itself ...

Hollywood star Travolta arrives for live show in Saudi

9 мес. назад

Hollywood star Travolta arrives for live show in Saudi.

China, Saudi Arabia Agree on Security, Counterterrorism Measures

2 г. назад

On Nov. 6, Chinese special envoy Meng Jianzhu met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Naif and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to ...