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Alex Ross Talks Painting & Comics pt. 1

8 мес. назад

Alex Ross discusses photo references, sketching, his creative process and thoughts on being a comic book creator. Like & Subscribe for more long form featured ...

How to Draw Comics Michelangelo Colors

4 г. назад

Take your Comic Coloring skills to the next level in this brand new Video Tutorial. Here's what's in store… In this lesson you'll learn How To - 1. Compose ...

Making "Yuragi" PART 03 - painting backgrounds

1 г. назад

The third video of me working on my comic "Yuragi". The comic pages are drawn with pencils, scanned once and then colored with watercolors. This time I'm ...

Painting Comic Pages - with Luke Welch

2 г. назад

This is the process I am using to create my painted graphic novel "The Pod". Which is a science fiction story where one man is sent into the cosmos to commune ...

How to Color Comic Books Using Paint : Comic Book Artists

6 г. назад

Subscribe Now: Watch More: One way that you can effectively ...

How to make a Comic Book Page in Clip Studio Paint - Part One

2 г. назад

In this first video I go over the basics of setting up your workspace in Clip Studio Paint and discuss what I'm hoping to achieve during these six video tutorials.

Paint the Town Comic Explained

1 г. назад

I prefer the fuzzy face. Link to the comic: Shirts & Mugs: ...

Harley Quinn Body Paint with Amanda Paris | Comic Series

2 г. назад

Amanda Paris a fan of the Suicide Squad movie gets body painted by me. I loved the movie and knew I had to do a Harley Quinn body paint. Was so excited ...

Comic book speed painting with Photoshop - Avenging Spider-man Issue 1 page 14

6 г. назад

Pencils by Joe Madureira Inks by supernoobinks Colors by me Finished image link This ...

Painting People · Speedpainting in Comic Book Style · SemiSkimmedMin

4 г. назад

Another time-lapse video of my painting process. This time, it's a portrait speed-painting in gouache in a style that I associate with comics and cartoons. Pink and ...

Comic Book Wonder Woman Tutorial (Painted Costume)

1 г. назад

Good ol' painted costume Halloween-ness. Go Wonder Woman! Subscribe for more! Greek Channel: ...

How to make a countryball comic with Paint

2 г. назад

I know, it's not a masterpiece, just a tutiorial, how to make fast a simple but qualitative comic about countryballs :)

Gouache Painting SAUL Comic Panel

6 мес. назад

It took me nearly two hours in normal speed to paint this panel. The pencil stage was done in approximately in 20 minutes. Not a tight pencil though. This series ...

How to Make Comic or Manga Panels the EASY WAY - ClipStudio Paint Pro Tutorial

8 мес. назад

This tutorial will walk you through setting up comic or manga panels in ClipStudio Paint Pro with word bubbles, text, line art and color. You'll learn how to create ...

Making a Comic Book Page in CLIP STUDIO PAINT - Part 1 - Introduction

2 г. назад

This video series by Astropad, featuring David Arroyo, shows you how to make a comic book with CLIP STUDIO PAINT. You will want CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX ...

Turning a Comic Book into Canvas Art |DC Universe Rebirth Annual "Trinity" #1 | Comic Collage Art |

1 г. назад

How to Transform a Comic Book into Canvas Art- DC Rebirth Annual - Trinity #1 Please Like and Subscribe! Make sure to follow on: Instagram: ...

Speed Painting - Comic character

6 г. назад

Visit my website to see more: This time i'm trying digital speed painting. I use Paint Tool Saï, a very cool software, cheap, ...

Painting A Comic! Watercolor Tutorial

7 мес. назад

Hey friends! Today I have another in-depth watercolor comic tutorial for you! I'm battling the super humid Louisiana heat to get these pages finished- join me for ...

How to create a Comic Book Template in Clip Studio Paint

2 г. назад

How to create a Western / American style comic book template using Clip Studio Paint / Manga Studio.

Comic panels in Clip Studio Paint

10 мес. назад

This video by PJ Holden came with a Clip Studio Paint tutorial in issue 146 of ImagineFX. Buy the digital edition of this issue via the ImagineFX app on your ...

Speed Drawing / Painting - Comic character Biker Girl

3 г. назад

Back with a new speed drawing video of this original character of mine, comics style. Check my website for more informations: