Nobs Builds


Nobs Builds-GMGM 1 0

2 г. назад


Nobs Builds Intro

2 г. назад

Nobs Sky Build

2 г. назад

Nobs Sky Build + ivue no program data fix

Nobs Fire build

2 г. назад

perfect and made for the fire stick pleny add-ons and comes in at 151mb with tv guide ready to go for the build wizard thanks.


2 г. назад

a nice clean build for liverpool fans don't for get to sub and comment thanks.

"why you BULLY me"

4 мес. назад

Trolling Noobs on Fortnite Battle Royale. Thanks for watching this Fortnite battle royale funny moments and trolling video! Be sure to subscribe for more Fortnite.

Battle of the Noobs | A Fortnite Film

5 мес. назад

We've all been there, being new to Fortnite is a beautiful privilege. Follow us on Twitter: ENG: Please click that LIKE button if you ...

Bullying default skins on

5 мес. назад

Fortnite - Bullying and trolling some default skins. Hope you enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments and Fails video. Be sure to subscribe for more ...

Nobs Futuristic 17 krypton

2 г. назад

first build with krypton will be in hosted in nobs wizard nobs wizard url:


2 г. назад

for more visit

How To Get UmBongo

2 г. назад

this add-on is working progress so please be paychent why it grows Brought To You BY Scorpio.

Nobs Simplistic 1 5 update

2 г. назад

new content including my new add-on blazed streams has now got 4 horsemen paragon silent hunter and more for live tv and 4k movies got to be the best build i ...

Nobs Simplistic 1 6 update

2 г. назад

removed all dead links and the add-ons that have left kodi next update will be kodi 17 ready.

Nobs TopCat

2 г. назад

live sports movies tv shows like sub

Nobs Transformers

2 г. назад

Nobs Transformers great family build with plenty off free iptv add-ons to keep u going and lots of movie add-ons and tv show add-ons.

Scorpio Heinz57

1 г. назад

just fast litte video to show u Heinz 57 scorpio

How To Train Your Noob | A Fortnite Film

7 мес. назад

It's just like Pokemon Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe for more! Music Rights Belong To :

How To Get Nobs Wizard

2 г. назад

for more please join my facebook group

Nobs Futuristic 1 2 UPDATE

2 г. назад

had a play and found good view for exodus and also put auto play on makes it a lot better for the build hope you enjoy.

liverpool build / kodi

2 г. назад

i made this personal liverpool build / skin for a donation if u like my work i do personal builds for a donation of your choice meassge me on here oh twitter ...

Nobs World

2 г. назад

new update now 1.1 a look around Nob.World don't for get to sub and join my favebook group