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Iron Man 3 (2013) - Easter Eggs & References - MCU Rewatch

3 нед. назад

When was the last time you watched Iron Man 3 (2013)? The third film in the Iron Man franchise is the most divisive of the Iron Man trilogy, but what did you think? There are so many hidden...

Thor Ragnarok DELETED SCENES (Doctor Strange, Grandmaster, Yondu, & MORE)

3 нед. назад

Thor Ragnarok released its deleted scenes, showing an alternate version of Odin's death and extended cameos by Doctor Strange and Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy. Why were these scenes cut...

Black Panther BREAKDOWN - Easter Eggs & References You Missed!

4 нед. назад

Black Panther gets a full breakdown, with all Marvel Easter Eggs, references, and visual details you might have missed. Erik Voss analyzes the film's deeper meaning and the subtle design choices...

Star Wars LAST JEDI Breakdown - All Easter Eggs & References (FULL MOVIE)

3 мес. назад

Star Wars Ep. 8 THE LAST JEDI gets an in-depth analysis and breakdown! All Star Wars Easter Eggs and references to The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens. (Spoilers...

THOR RAGNAROK Breakdown - EVERYTHING YOU MISSED! (Easter Eggs & References)

4 мес. назад

Thor Ragnarok explained! All Thor Easter Eggs and Marvel references! Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring today's video. Start your free trial today, at

ANT MAN & THE WASP Trailer Breakdown - Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

1 мес. назад

Marvel's Ant-Man & The Wasp trailer gets a full breakdown! Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. Get the first 3 months of Skillshare for $0.99, sign up at

Avengers Infinity War Trailer Breakdown - "Big Game" Spot Easter Eggs

1 мес. назад

Avengers Infinity War Trailer - Iron Man's armor, Thor's new hammer, and Captain Marvel cameo revealed! What Easter Eggs did you miss in the new Avengers trailer? Erik Voss breaks down this...

VENOM TRAILER Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

1 мес. назад

VENOM starring Tom Hardy has a new trailer with some clues pointing to Carnage and Eddie Brock's origin. Why wasn't "Venom" in this Venom teaser? Erik Voss points out all the Venom Easter Eggs...

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN - Details You Missed & Infinity Stones EXPLAINED

4 мес. назад

Avengers Infinity War Trailer Easter Eggs and Predictions! Thanks to our sponsor Mercari. Download, shop, and sell on Mercari here: Marvel finally released...

Walking Dead 8x09 Breakdown - FINAL SCENE EXPLAINED

3 нед. назад

Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere (8x09) "Honor" gets a full breakdown and analysis! Carl's death explained! Why is Negan in Alexandria in the Old Rick vision? Is Rick dying in the final shot?...

Justice League BREAKDOWN - Easter Eggs & Music Analysis

4 мес. назад

Justice League full movie breakdown & analysis! What DC references and Easter Eggs did you miss in Justice League? Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquaman connections explained!...

DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Breakdown - "Meet Cable" Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

1 мес. назад

DEADPOOL: MEET CABLE Trailer gets a full breakdown! Who is Cable? What references and jokes did you miss in this new Deadpool trailer? Erik Voss explains all the subtle winks and details in...

Iron Man BREAKDOWN - Easter Eggs & References (MCU Rewatch)

2 мес. назад

When did you last watch Iron Man? Did you know it is filled with hidden easter eggs hinting to the future of the MCU? Check out Sam Bashor and New Rockstar's breakdown the very first film...

Black Panther REVIEW! Marvel's Biggest Game-Changer?

4 нед. назад

Black Panther reaction! Is Black Panther the best Marvel movie yet, as some critics are saying? How DOES Black Panther rank among the other MCU greats like The Avengers and Guardians of the...

Avengers Infinity War Black Panther UPDATE

3 нед. назад

Black Panther Infinity War connections! How did Black Panther set up events for the upcoming Avengers Infinity War? Why is Thanos attacking Wakanda in the Infinity War trailers? Is the final...

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY TRAILER Breakdown - Easter Eggs You Missed!

1 мес. назад

Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer gets a full breakdown with Easter Eggs you missed and new characters explained! What are the differences in the Han Solo Trailer released during the Super Bowl?...

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) - Easter Eggs & References - MCU Rewatch

4 нед. назад

When was the last time you watched Captain America The First Avenger? Did you know it's only been 7 years since that was in theaters?! Check out the origin of Steve Rogers aka Captain America...

Rick and Morty BREAKDOWN - 3x09 "ABC's of Beth" - Every Joke You Missed!

6 мес. назад

Get Quidd here: Our username is NewRockstars. Add us! Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 9 THE ABC'S OF BETH gets a full breakdown! Beth revisits Froopyland and possibly...

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale BREAKDOWN "The Dragon and the Wolf" (7x07)

7 мес. назад

Support New Rockstars and get $20 off the perfect suitcase from Away Luggage using the code "NewRockstars" at Game of Thrones SEASON FINALE episode "The...

Black Panther Trailer BREAKDOWN - Music Explained & Easter Eggs You Missed

5 мес. назад

Black Panther Trailer gets a full breakdown and analysis! What was the music in the Black Panther trailer, and how does Killmonger's Golden Jaguar suit work? Erik Voss explains all the details...

Game of Thrones 7x06 BREAKDOWN "Beyond the Wall" - Longclaw Eye Explained!

7 мес. назад

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 BEYOND THE WALL gets an in-depth breakdown and analysis! In Game of Thrones 7x06, Beyond the Wall, the frozen lake battle leads to the death of a dragon and...