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热点解读_讽刺幽默诙谐_中国大陆新闻解读】大陆新闻解读:东莞扫黄的背后(NTDCHINESE) http://www.NTDTV.com【新唐人2014年02月16日讯】大陆新闻解读(334.

Discovering China - NTD's Chinese Culinary Competition in Times Square NYC

5 г. назад

This week Ben Hedges brings you a special program from NTD's 5th Annual Chinese Culinary Competition in Times Square NYC.


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小品:审判周永康来源:http://www.ntdtv.com/xtr/gb/2015/06/15/a1203730.html 【新唐人2015年06月15日讯】大陆新闻解读(403)小品:审判周永康:公开庭审,万...

NTD's Chinese International Culinary Competition Backstage, Iron Wok "Behind the Chinese 9"

7 г. назад

NTD's International Culinary Competition descends upon the heart of New York in September 2011 Follow NTD's International Culinary Competition for more ...

分心驾驶 卑诗展开专项检查(NTDCHINESE) http://www.NTDTV.com

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分心驾驶卑诗展开专项检查(NTDCHINESE) http://www.NTDTV.com【新唐人2013年09月08日讯】驾车分心往往会导致严重的交通事故。星期四加拿大卑诗省府,汽车.

Shen Yun Dancers Discuss NTD's Chinese Dance Competition

6 г. назад

For more news and videos visit ☛ http://english.ntdtv.com Follow us on Twitter ☛ http://twitter.com/NTDTelevision Add us on Facebook ☛ http://on.fb.me/s5KV2C ...

世界末日和预言中的今天 l 世事关心

5 г. назад

【世事关心】(240) 世界末日与预言中的今天:看东西方对人类末世浩劫的预言。 掌握更多最新国际讯息,请訂閱新唐人YouTube官方頻道! http://www.youtu...

China News - Subscribe to NTD's New China Channel - All our China Content in One Place

5 г. назад

NTD's New China Channel "NTD on China" will feature China News, China Focus, Discovering China and China Uncensored. To catch all 4 four of these great ...

【熱點互動直播】十月革命百年 共產紅禍知多少?

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NTD's Chinese Vocal competition - An In Depth Report

8 г. назад

And over the weekend NTD's third annual International Chinese Vocal Competition was held in New York. Ben Hedges takes us there for a look at the ...

NTD Chinese Classical Dance Competition Concludes in NY

8 г. назад

A look at the final of NTD's Chinese Classical Dance Competition.

NTDIndonesia NTDChinese Temasek Singapura Berita Harian

1 г. назад

STOMP Singapore Talking Spoint 中华文化中心华人新加坡网总会华助商会宗乡LionCity Singapore Citizens Tan Oe Pang.

NYISC Featured NTD Chinese Network

1 г. назад

Presented by Goya Foods www.newyorksalsacongress.com.

Jaw-Dropping Propaganda | NTD China Uncensored | NTDonChina

4 г. назад

Does anyone really believe this? The CCP recently released a white paper about human rights in China. You know, the Chinese Communist Party, one of the ...

Traditional Jow Ga Mychard Jones 米高鍾 @ NTD Chinese Martial Arts Championship

1 г. назад

2016 one of the few American Traditional Southern style at this tournament.

NTD's Chinese Classical Dance Competition - Reaches New High

8 г. назад

A look at the semi-final of NTD's Chinese Classical Dance Competition.

Interview NTD Chinese cable TV Star Luxe

4 г. назад

Special segment on contemporary Mauboussin jewelry and its art deco heritage. Interview on Chinese cable TV NTD.

Winners Announced for NTD's Chinese Int'l Piano Competition

9 г. назад

New Tang Dynasty Televisions first annual Chinese International Piano Competition came to its conclusion on Sunday, as after three days of competition the last ...

Pianists Gather for NTD's Chinese Piano Competition

9 г. назад

ZHANG: Yesterday, contestants arrived in Manhattan to register and warm-up for NTD's Chinese International Piano Competition. Today (Friday), these talented ...

NTD's Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competitors

9 г. назад

NTDs Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition wrapped up this weekend, lets take a look at one competitors perspective on the principles and values ...