Muffin Cat


Reddubba - Muffin Cat

7 г. назад

The Ultimate Fat Cat Rap. Music video inspired by Laura's "Muffin Cat" painting.

Trimming cat claws - Muffin

3 г. назад

Muffin, oh Muffin -3 Even when trimming your claws you are perfect.

Our cat Muffin

8 г. назад

Muffin is a black shaded silver British shorthair. (Britse korthaar)

Muffin Cat

4 г. назад

The Muffin version of nyan cat. (Legal stuff: I do not own the music, etc.)

Muffin - The Somali Cat - Muffin likes to fetch - Katze apportiert - Retrieves Cat

7 г. назад

Muffin - The Somali Cat - Muffin likes to fetch - Katze apportiert Ich bin zwar ein Kater, mach es aber trotzdem sehr gerne! Retrieves Cat Muffin is a cat apportierende.

Muffin Stories - The Dog and the Cat

5 г. назад

There lived a poor but kind old man and an old lady near the ocean. One day, the old man caught a very large fish. The old man was very happy. But upon taking a close look, he saw that the...

Savannah Cat TV - F6 Savannah steals a muffin

4 г. назад

In our Savannah and Serval Channel you see several times a week new videos with and over Savannah cats and servals! Be enchanted by the wildest cats in the world! More you can see on http://www.Of-...

Muffin & Patrick - Game of Cats

12 мес. назад

Your life will not be boring if you have maine coon and cornish rex! Facebook: Soundtrack: Big Swing Band by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons...

Adieu Muffin! | 3 septembre 2015

2 г. назад

J'ai dû dire adieu à petit Muffin aujourd'hui...Voyez pourquoi! :( Ps - Serez vous des notres pour le live d'aujourd'hui ?? 13H AU QUÉBEC, 19H EN EUROPE ! :D La chaîne de Jay : https://www.yo...

How to draw a muffin cat!

10 мес. назад

Muffin The Cat.

1 г. назад

Meow x3.

Muffin the Cat - Extreme Close-up! WHOA!!!

6 г. назад

Muffin debuts in HD #21 -- Most Discussed (This Week) -- Pets & Animals -- Brazil #26 -- Top Favorited (This Month) -- Pets & Animals -- Brazil #103 -- Top Favorited (Today) -- Pets & Animals...

Cat wants muffin - Falls in trash can. (HILARIOUS)

4 г. назад

A fitting punishment!

Cat vs Muffin

5 мес. назад

Cat vs Muffin.

Cat playing with Muffin on Instagram

3 г. назад

One of our follower's cat is playing with Muffin via Instagram :)

Cute cat wake up | Muffin Cat

1 г. назад

INSTAGRAM: Muffin Cat.

Ragamuffin cat "Muffin" and Squirrel Eye Each Other

1 г. назад

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Muffin's Cat House

4 г. назад

Muffin's Cat House by vukaman & sonjolino inspired by Krabhuis source

Muffin finds the cat

5 г. назад

Bought Me a Cat | Family Sing Along - Muffin Songs

4 г. назад

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2 г. назад

Cat dancing to muffin time.