Michael Voinov


Max Rokhman at City Space bar. Masterclass.

7 г. назад

Cocktail "Perfumer" by Max Rokhmann. Performed at City Space bar. Bartending technique in this video was inspired by one of the world's greatest bartenders ...

Rogerio Igarashi Vaz at City Space Bar. 2013.

11 мес. назад

Cocktail - Mikado#2 by Rogerio Igarashi Vaz for City Space Bar.

Russian Bastard by Spaniard Bernabeu at Moskovsky bar.

3 г. назад

The movie about total control. Of guests wishes. Russian Bastard: Beluga Noble - 50 ml Turmeric syrup - 25 ml Lime - 20 ml Ginger foam Grated lime on top ...

Kevin Kroon at Moskovsky bar. Go Bananas!

2 г. назад

Go bananas 60 ml of whisky 20 ml of banana macadamia lemon cordial.

Michael Voinov at BBZ Party 2018. Moscow, March 31.

9 мес. назад

Michael Voinov will play Music Live and dj set on BreakBeatZoneParty at club LES/Moscow 31.03.2018 as a Special Guest Star. Music in teaser - Gillepsy.

Michael Voinov, Liquid Dreams LIVE and Art EP Covers Create gig.

7 мес. назад

Moscow, 4.05.2018, West4 Roasters Aviator ArtSpace. LIVE act + EP's covers Create Gig. 19:30 Music Track - Michael Voinov, Liquid Dreams - Martina.

Moskovsky bar. #How Do You Prepare Your Station

3 г. назад

Nazar Makarov, Max Rokhman, Ilya Netsvetaev from Moskovsky bar have message for you about ergonomics in the workplace preparation. Назар Макаров ...

Simone Caporale. Masterclass at City Space bar.

7 г. назад

Simone Caporale. Masterclass at City Space bar. Moscow. September 2011. cityspacebar.com Camera Andrey Klimov and Michael Voinov. Music design ...

Luca Corradini at City Space bar. Fjord at Night.

3 г. назад

Fjord at Night: Terragon and White Cocoa syrup 15ML Freshly Squeezed Lemon juice 30 ML 4 dashes of smoked sea salt water 1 White Egg Squid Ink cream ...

Liquid Dreams. Musical Live Video Art Performance by Michael Voinov. Teaser 2016.

2 г. назад

Liquid Dreams made especially for the space at the Lumiere Hall: 17 giant screens are different formations, two dozen of the most powerful projectors, sound all ...

Jackie Lo at Moskovsky bar. Asian Garden.

3 г. назад

Moskovsky bar at Four Seasons Moscow. Moscow, Okhotny Riad 2.

Academy of Hospitality.

1 г. назад

Details in message, connect https://www.facebook.com/michael.voinov New worldwide educational club. Online special classes and live practical programs in ...

The Smokey Chocolate Martini by Yukino Sato.

2 г. назад

Taste of Japan in Moskovsky bar. "The Smokey Chocolate Martini" 45ml Remy martin (45ミリリットル レミーマルタン) 15g Homemade chocolate ganache (15グラム ...

Massimo La Rocca at City Space bar. Masterclass.

7 г. назад

Massimo La Rocca at City Space bar. Masterclass. November 2011. cityspacebar.com Camera Andrey Klimov and Michael Voinov. Music design, editing and ...

City Space.

9 г. назад

City Space bar & lounge, Moscow. Official trailer. High quality.

Something coming... Put your headphones on.

1 г. назад

New work by Michael Voinov and Magic Team coming soon.

Stanislav Vadrna`s Analog Bartending Institute. ICHIE-GO ICHI-E.

8 г. назад

Stanislav Vadrna`s Analog Bartendig Institute. ICHIE-GO ICHI-E. One chance, one meeting. This is not just a training movie of bartending. This is something ...

Denis Millionov at City Space bar. Masterclass 2011.

7 г. назад

Cocktail by Denis Millionov performed at City Space bar. cityspacebar.com.