Lu Bu Feng Xian


FEH Channel 3.0 Reaction Basically Live - Fire Emblem Heroes Dec. 10 Book Ⅲ Edition

15 час. назад

Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0 - We get beast units, a gay clown who looks like Jesus took a wrong turn back up to heaven, dark Souls 3, Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls, ...


21 час. назад

54:56 59:50 - Mental Illness Since time immemorial, I have always played Super Smash Brothers with my little brother Bill. Back then we would even get into ...

Let's Analyze Eir Merciful Death + Aether Raids Mythic Heroes Blessings - Fire Emblem Heroes

5 час. назад

27:31 Sparkling Boost testing Today we will be performing an Analysis on Eir Merciful Death the first of the series of Mythic Heroes who has come to destroy ...

Weapon Refinery Review - Whitewings Palla Catria Est + Ogma Navarre and Robin - Fire Emblem Heroes

4 час. назад

After Minerva's impressive back breaking victory in the Dark Tournament - Loki broke into 3 pieces of Whitewings gear for the Whitewings to use...the Whitewing ...

Fire Emblem Heroes Arena Duels Live Tournament + Giveaway

1 нед. назад

Behold MAXIMUM BRAIN DAMAGE as your favorite characters from Fire Emblem beats the hell out of each other in the first ever live World Martial Arts ...

Thoughts and Prediction on New Weapon Refinery Podcast - Fire Emblem Heroes

6 дн. назад

Another wonderful discussion in Podcast format with my buddy Berk as we discuss the potentials of the new weapon refinery featuring Ogma Navarre Palla ...

180 F2P Orbs vs Hrid (Hríd) + Twin Whale Podcast - Fire Emblem Heroes

2 нед. назад

Another month another wonderful legendary banner - with it's mythical 8% summon I will summon for Hríd in order to sacrifice him for Distant Counter - I've ...

Evil Healer Aether Raids Replays - Terror of the Six Paths of Pain+ Fire Emblem Heroes

1 мес. назад

Behold absolute evil as the Elite Four Healers of the Apocalypse of the Six Paths of Pain+ terrorizes the Castle in the Sky with the POWER of SAVAGE ...

FEH Unit Viability & Game Enjoyment Discussion with Lu Bu Feng Xian - Youtuber! | Fire Emblem Heroes

9 мес. назад

It was enjoyable to have Lu Bu Feng Xian- I mean...Dr. Sakura & Selena Miku as our guests, shedding insight on healer units and less popular units! Check out ...

Best Alm Build - Qualm is the STRONGEST HERO IN THE ENTIRE GAME! - Fire Emblem Heroes

4 мес. назад

Skip Brain Damage Story 3:00 - Build Showcase 12:51 Behold the strongest build to ever exist. No matter what color you are, Alm will Quad everyone equally in ...

Veronica gave Abyssal Lobster Ryoma Brain Damage - Fire Emblem Heroes

6 дн. назад

A heart warming tale of one Porcupath (Veronica) giving Legendary Ryoma MAXIMUM BRAIN DAMAGE - All for a golden Helmet oh excuse me a GOLD ...

300 F2P Orbs vs Maribelle and Olivia Ylissean Travelers Banner - Fire Emblem Heroes

5 мес. назад

The ULTIMATE healer has arrived! Using DNA from the DARK OVERLORD ELISE herself, Elise gave birth to the strongest offensive healer in the game.

Real Fire Emblem Heroes Arena Duels ft. Walhart + Lucina + Althemia - Soul Calibur 6

2 нед. назад

Welcome back to the stage of history, where brutal and highly amusing battle takes place between the heroes of Fire Emblem In this chapter, The evil of the Dark ...

Tactics Drills Grandmaster 19 - Dazzling Trilemma - Fire Emblem Heroes

5 дн. назад

Comrade General! Big trouble! Our glorious Premier Joseph Hardin is surrounded by the Wall Street Gang at Hardingrad! However, with the combined power of ...

Elise Solo Grima Robin F!Grima Infernal Legendary Hero Battle - Fire Emblem Heroes

8 мес. назад

Robin: Fell Vessel - Witness EXTREME BRAIN DAMAGE as Robin once again relapses into HAND CANCER. Now the DARK OVERLORD ELISE must ...

Fire Emblem Heroes - Best Healer Builds - Let's Analyze 2.0 Healers skills, staves, and stats

1 г. назад

Today, we will be Analyzing the new Healer abilities brought to us by the recent 2.0 update. And how Healers healing each other and becoming completely ...

Fire Emblem Heroes Fighting Lu Bu Feng Xian in Arena

6 мес. назад

Get some 8bit in your life: Unfortunately, it doesn't seem Like dannasko has this song up on their SoundCloud anymore ...

29 F2P Orbs vs Legendary Hrid Pitybreaker - Fire Emblem Heroes

1 нед. назад

After the last disaster of a summon I find myself stuck at 11% Pity rate which would be a complete waste if this ...

Dr. Sakura Cures Infernal Aversa Back Damage Grand Hero Battle - Fire Emblem Heroes

2 мес. назад

Dark One: Aversa - Today, a sensitive medical procedure shall take place to cure an incurable illness: BACK DAMAGE! Will the legendary medical arts of Dr.

Evil Healer Aether Raids Replays - Terror of the Six Paths of Pain+ Fire Emblem Heroes

4 нед. назад

Just like stealing candy from a baby Sanaki, the evil Four Healers of Apocalypse rides out to terrorize the local populace once again in the Aether Raids.

900+ F2P Orbs Veronica Summoning - Choose your Legends 2018 - Fire Emblem Heroes

3 мес. назад

After 2 weeks of straight farming stupid chain challenges and draining every last bit of F2P orbs from my account (Including the September orbs) I have now ...