Life and pension


Zurich Life - How does a pension work?

2 г. назад

There are choices you make in life that will have a huge impact on your future – getting an education, surrounding yourself with supportive people and picking a ...

Life and Pension Solutions

4 мес. назад

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Identity Management for the Pension Industry.

Life and Pension

12 мес. назад

Corporate Life Pension

4 г. назад

A series of 6 vignettes that highlight Zurich's insights around the World Economic Forum issues of interconnectivity of risks and dynamic resilience.


1 г. назад


Retirement Planning with HDFC Life's Retirement and Pension Plans

3 г. назад

Retirement Plans by HDFC life - Watch the video to know how a perfect retirement plan by HDFC Life can let you live the same kind of financially secured life you ...

What is a pension?

4 мес. назад Whilst you've probably heard a lot about how being part of a pension plan is important, it can be a little bit more difficult ...

What is a Pension Plan?

1 г. назад

Understanding what your company pension plan offers can help you determine how to make the most of all your retirement savings options. Your employer may ...

Smart Pension, il concorso di Zurich Investment Life per Deutsche Bank

1 г. назад

Favorire la consapevolezza dei cittadini sul proprio futuro previdenziale, aiutandoli a compiere scelte mirate: questo l'obiettivo dello Zurich Pension Point e del ...

Life as a Pension Actuarial Consultant - Tahir shares his work experience on Actuarial Journey

3 г. назад

Listen to more lessons learned shared with Actuarial Journey (previously ProSocial Learning) here: Tahir shares his ...

Friends Life; a sensible pension option for the SME

3 г. назад

Friends Life have been organising people's pensions in the UK for donkey's years.

Wesleyan's Life and Pension Funds recently celebrated their fifth anniversary.

3 мес. назад

Wesleyan's Life and Pension Funds recently celebrated their fifth anniversary. In this video, Fund Manager Lucas Howarth explains how the funds have ...

Life Insurance Pension Plans Annuity Retirement Income Plans

5 г. назад

Life Insurance Pension Plans Annuity Retirement Income Plans.

Why do we have UJ, Group Life and Pension Fund Policies?

2 г. назад

Q&A on UJ Pension fund policies procedures and rules.

Pension Investment Plan

1 г. назад

Are you looking to start or continue making contributions towards your retirement, either by yourself or through your employer? Or do you already have a number ...

Design Thinking with SAP - How can Nordea Life & Pension improve their customers quality of life?

2 г. назад

How can we help employees experience a better and healthier life through their workplace? Watch the story of a busy day in the life of Kathrine and imagine ...

Irish Life Pension Calculator

3 г. назад

Irish Life Pension Calculator.