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Here's What Happened - Maker Knife | GIACO

18 час. назад

Maker Knife: ⇒ INSTAGRAM: ⇒ FACEBOOK: ...

The $300000 Maker Knife | GIACO

5 мес. назад

You can still get yours: ALEC STEELE: CACTUS: ...

Last Maker Knife Available | GIACO

3 нед. назад

Very Last Maker Knife Pre-Orders: ⇒ INSTAGRAM: ⇒ FACEBOOK: ...


12 мес. назад

Use my link , or text promo code GIACO to 500-500 to get a free book and 30-day free trial. LIQUID NITROGEN NERF GUN MOD ...

The Diresta Maker Knife | GIACO

6 мес. назад

Order here: Jimmy Diresta has been a huge supporter of this project from the very beginning and it's a huge honor now to be able to offer ...

Mini Slingshot: How to Anodize Aluminum DIY - GIACO² | GIACO

9 мес. назад

Want to know about the Kickstarter? HERE: DIY: Today we want to try to anodize aluminum (aluminum) in the simplest way. Anodizing ...

Making the Maker Knife in China - Day 01 | GIACO

3 мес. назад

Get your Maker Knife: David and I went to Chine to program the whole Maker Knife manufacturing and it's been a lot of fun! We went a few ...


2 мес. назад

Maker Knife: Factory Shopping. This is going to be interesting! ⇒ INSTAGRAM: ⇒ FACEBOOK: ...

Giaco Whatever Trailer

4 г. назад

Subscribe: NEW VIDEO EVERY MONDAY! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: A LOT TO COME! Being a maker is not about skills you have.

99999+ RPM Fidget Spinner Toy //Cause I Can

2 г. назад

Subscribe for more: Update: I'm making the ultimate Beyblade. Soon here! ;) Looks like everyone is loving these fidget spinners toy things.

World's Fastest NERF Dart

2 г. назад

This is definitely the World's most powerful and fastest Nerf Dart ever shot. I'm in the process to build a LETHAL Nerf Gun. But first I built a Nerf Cannon to test out ...

NERF Dart Breaks the Sound Barrier, yes really | GIACO

2 г. назад

How fast is the fastest Nerf dart? Will it break the sound barrier? Well... Yes, it does, 2.3 times the speed of sound at standard conditions. Pretty insane... In this ...


4 мес. назад

DESIGNCROWD: Your new logo: This is what happens when we get a real turbine, a Lego V8 Engine and of course a ...

LETHAL Nerf Dart VS Ballistic Gel //Cause I Can | GIACO

2 г. назад

I built this cannon ( vid here: to test what kind of damage a normal NERF dart can do if shot at super high speed. In this video, I ...

Now that's a BEYBLADE!!! Cause I Can

2 г. назад

This is one of those experiment videos like the 1000 degrees knife cutting stuff besides this was much more fun to make! :D See this as the ultimate Beyblade ...

Giaco Whatever: Cement USB Hub

2 г. назад

For this project, I decided to upcycle a cheap USB hub into something nicer. I did this by removing the plastic case and creating a new enclosure from stainless ...

Concrete USB Hub Challenge - Inspired by Giaco Whatever. CNC router along with a little soldering.

2 г. назад

I made this project and accompanying video to show support for Giaco Whatever. I don't know him personally, but this just felt like the right thing to do. My gut ...

Millionaire's Shop Tour // Mike Dubno

2 г. назад

Me, Bill Livolsi, Jimmy Diresta, Daniel Switch and Lever, Laura Kampf and April Wilkerson went to have dinner at Mike Dubno house in Manhattan. One minute ...

The Dream Shop

3 г. назад

If you enjoyed my video, please consider to ⇒ SHARE SHARE SHARE to give me the force to make more! :) Subscribe: ⇒ INSTAGRAM: ...

MakerKnife: We Had a Big Problem

3 мес. назад

If you DO NOT want your Maker Knife to ship from China. Please fill out this form: If you want your order shipped from ...

Maker Knife | The EDC Pocket Tool You Want to Carry by Giaco Whatever

6 мес. назад

"LOOKS SEXY AF" - Jimmy Diresta About this project : The Utility Knife Blade is an extremely useful tool, especially in the hand of a maker Subscribe to our ...