Chamila Music


East West/ Logic pro 9 Film Music Composd by Chamila Warna Jayalath 

7 г. назад

This is my second Film score, I have again experimented with different instruments and software.

East West "Music for Films and Games" - music Composed by Chamila Warna Jayalath . 

7 г. назад

This is my First Music track for a Short film. the software i used for this project was East West Complete composer, Logic Pro 9 and for Video editing Final cut pro 7. Music instrument i...

iPhone4 (music studio xewton) making music by Chamila warna .

7 г. назад

iPhone4 making music by Chamila warna jayalath HD @cmusicstudio England.

SKRILLEX - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites ( Covered by Chamila Warna Jayalath )

6 г. назад

This is Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites cover version. This is the first time I have done this kind of music and experimented with dubstep. All credits go to the original song, ...

Choir of angels - Yvonne Englert ft Chamila Warna Jayalath

5 г. назад

Choir of angels Remix (Original Music track ) Composed by Yvonne Englert & Chamila Warna Jayalath Camera : Bandu Warna Jayalath Video Edit : Chamila Warna Jayalath Original Music / Melody...

Inspirational song "The Time" (Original) Yvonne ft Chamila

3 г. назад

"The Time" (Original Song) Yvonne ft Chamila Lyrics / Vocals / Melody: Yvonne Englert Music composed by Chamila Warna Jayalath Mixed & mastered...

Akcent feat Lidia Buble & DDY Nunes - Kamelia (Official Music Video)

4 г. назад

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Scorpions Holiday cover by Chamila Warna Jayalath . 

7 г. назад

My own cover version of the song Holiday, originally sung by the scorpions, Camera: Kim Polley Music produced: Chamila Warna Jayalath Video editing : Chamila Warna Jayalath thanks for...

"Metharam Duksusuman" Nirosh ft Chamila

7 г. назад

sinhalanew song 2011 Metharam Duksusuman Nirosh indika ft Chamil warna.

Pem Sililare -Cover

2 г. назад

This song is originally sung by Dayaratne Ranatunge & Amara Ranatunge.

Mal Dewata Teledrama Theme Song "Obata Nohaka" Live Ishan With Chamila (Samsung GALAXY note II)

5 г. назад

"Obata Nohaka" Mal Dewata Teledrama Theme Song Live Ishan With Chamila Camara by Chotora Shanaka we Recorded this clip by using (Samsung GALAXY note II)

Derana Dream star Chamila - parata kittuwa

4 г. назад

Chamila - parata kittuwa.

Commercial Video Intro music track by Chamila Warna Jayalath 

7 г. назад

this is my 21 second music track for a commercial, All copy rights protected by Dream creation Company, (Under the Intellectual Property Act of Sri Lanka, Copying, Publishing or Unauthorized...

Dangakara Sihine - Rishan & Chamila - HD 1080p Video from

7 г. назад

Download Original Video: Title: Dangakara Sihine Artist: Rishan & Chamila Music: Roshan Fernando Lyrics: Roshan Fernando Video Director: Udaya Priyantha Jayalatha...

Rathu Roosa Malak - Chamila Padukka From

6 г. назад

Rathu Roosa Malak - Chamila Padukka Download Link Main Artist - Chamila Padukka Music Composition - Lakshman Hilmi Lyrics - Jayantha Ekanayaka ...

Chamila Madushan - Seeduwa Sakura Live In Heenpita 2016

1 г. назад

Seeduwa Sakura Live In Heenpita 2016.

"Alawantha Neth -Muthu Palasa theme song by " Cbreeze music band

4 г. назад

"Alawantha Neth" Cbreeze music band at a Wedding party !! this is a Sri Lankan tele drama theme song call Alawantha neth, the original song by Dayasiri jayasekara and Cbreeze we are playing...

Chamila Asanka, the girl who lives in the future...

9 мес. назад

Chamila Asanka, the girl who lives in the future... *** Music: "Firelight" by Kubbi (Royalty Free Music)

Kasun Kalhara Heanayaki mata (Covered by Chamila Warna and Ashali)

7 г. назад

One of beautiful song of Sri Lankan Film calld Aadaraneeya Wathsane Coverd by Chamila Warna jayalath With Ashalai.the original song sang by Kasun kalhara with uresha raveehari. we just done...

Experimental Sound Design "Honda Dio" by Chamila Warna Jayalath

3 г. назад

This is my latest Music project with Honda Dio Scooter Bike. In this video I pre recorded all the sounds come from the bike and colour up them as I wanted.(Eq, Compress, Pitch Correction etc.)...