Anže Rogelja


Crowing Roosters Sound Effect Plus - Non Stop Crowing Sound in the Morning

7 мес. назад

A bunch of roosters crowing non stop! They are a great morning alarm sound effect and if you record them on your smartphone you will never miss your school or job again :) So if you like to...

Aggressive Rooster In The Backyard - Roosters Attacking People

3 г. назад

Can't walk normally on my backyard because whenever I turn my back this will happen! Backstabber cock will hit me hard with his full force. Tonight I am going to cut his tail and wings in...

Funny Slow Motion Rooster Crowing Compilation - Farm Videos For Children - Funny Farm Fails

3 мес. назад

SLOW MOTION ROOSTER CROWING COMPILATION! You will see ten different funny chicken breeds and their slow mo sound effects. Funny rooster crowing sound compilation in slow motion is meant to...

Relaxing farm animal videos for kids to watch! Rooster crowing in the morning

1 мес. назад

This cute rooster is crowing in the morning with Tarzan voice. Really relaxing to watch this tiny farm animal with strong crowing. Great for kids to get familiar with farm animals trough watching...

Rooster Crowing Sound Effect - Chicken Sound Effect - Chicken and Rooster Videos

11 мес. назад

Dominant crowing from young rooster. When I gave it to my neighbor he was so scared. Now, he is really dominating her place. If you love farm animals especially chickens subscribe for more....

Ten Minutes of Morning Zen with Rooster and Chickens - Relaxing Animal Sound

2 г. назад

Relaxing video and sound of my chicken flock in the morning. So if you like to hang out with animals like I do, this is the video for you. 10 minutes of pure chicken life. ----------------...

Homemade Chicken Feeder Improved Version

3 г. назад

I made the second improved version of homemade chicken feeder. My plan was to make it from materials that everybody has and that it is easy to build. This is a step by step video tutorial....

Top 25 Roosters Crowing Compilation 2018 - Rooster Crowing Super Fast - Real Animal Sound Alarm

3 нед. назад

SUPER FAST ROOSTER CROWING COMPILATION is a collection of all the rooster videos I recorded in my life. This is the best natural alarm clock in my life and now you can also use it as your morning...

Graffiti Art on Wall

4 г. назад

Amazing graffiti art by street performer Carlo Espinoza Video by Anže Rogelja Music: "Black Vortex" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://cre...

Chicken Videos - Roaster Chicken Sound - Hen Sound - Chicken Noises

10 мес. назад

Curious chicken video. Every time you want to make something on the farm chickens will always be with you like a curious observers. They like to hang around people especially if you move something...

Cute Blue and Yellow Macaw

4 г. назад

Playing with a young macaw called Mile. He was chasing my foot fingers and almost ate my smartphone :)

Young rooster waiting for a perfect opportunity to jump on chicken

2 г. назад

My new young rooster is patiently waiting for the opportunity to get the chance of mating. When the old roo goes away he grabs the moment and jumps. But every time the old roo hear what is...

Top 10 Best Rooster Crowing Sound Effects Compilation Plus - Funny Chicken Noises - Rooster Noises

2 г. назад

ROOSTER CROWING! Top ten rooster crowing sound compilation. You will see different rooster breeds and their sound effects. Record rooster crowing sound on your smartphone and surprise your...

White Polverara Chicken Breed - Chicken Videos - Relaxing Animal Videos

1 г. назад

Best relaxing zen video for children and chicken lovers :) White Polverara rooster will show his moves in the Italian vineyard :) Check more facts on wiki:

Morning Farm Animals Sounds - Chicken and Duck Together - YouTube Animal Videos for Babies

6 дн. назад

This is perfect animal channel for you to relax and remember all the beautiful animal sounds on farm. In this video you will see free ranging chickens and ducks together. Check my other rooster...

Cute Pet Rat - Adorable Pet Rat

3 г. назад

This is my sisters pet rat. Enjoy! Subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!

Ducks Fighting - Father Teaching Son a Lesson - Raising Muscovy Ducks

2 г. назад

Animal fight between Muscovy duck father and son. For now father Albert is still stronger but I am wondering for how long?

Fresh Figs vs. Chicken Food - What is Tastier For The Rooster? Chicken Quiz in The Real World

6 мес. назад

I found this beautiful 6 years old rooster in my friends backyard. I was wondering what will happen if I feed him with tasty figs hanging on a nearby tree. You will see the roosters' decision...

How to make/grow free organic chicken feed? Organic farming methods

3 г. назад

This is free organic farming method to grow/make your own GMO free feed for poultry. I accidentally notice this trick while I was cleaning a chicken run. Seeds from corn and wheat started to...

𝒩𝒾𝒶ℊ𝒶𝓇𝒶 𝒻𝒶𝓁𝓁𝓈 ℊ𝓇𝒶𝒻𝒻𝒾𝓉𝒾

2 мес. назад

Amazing graffiti art by street performer Carlo Espinoza Video by Anže Rogelja Music: "The Complex" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ...

Mating Dance: Muscovy Female Ducks Fighting For Dominant Male Duck

3 г. назад

On my farm we have only one Muscovy mail duck so all the femail ducks are fighting for him. If you like animals and nature check my other videos or subscribe on my chanel.