Anže Rogelja


Big Young Brahma Rooster Mating Dance - Giant Rooster Flirting - Chicken Animal Videos - Brahma

2 г. назад

Big friendly rooster and his hen. Young Brahma exploring outdoor on the farm. Watch more chicken videos: ...

Baby Chicken Life - Little Chicken Video - Brahma - Australorp - Bantam

1 г. назад

CHICKEN LIFE - This is a new chicken flock growing up. They love their new establishment in a shade under a tree. Chicken run is a must if you want your baby ...

Chicken Fight for Whole Wheat Pasta

5 г. назад

Chickens are also pasta fans.

Crowing Roosters Sound Effect Plus - Non Stop Crowing Sound in the Morning

1 г. назад

A bunch of roosters crowing non stop! They are a great morning alarm sound effect and if you record them on your smartphone you will never miss your school ...

Ducks Fighting - Father Teaching Son a Lesson - Raising Muscovy Ducks

3 г. назад

Animal fight between Muscovy duck father and son. For now father Albert is still stronger but I am wondering for how long?

Rooster and His Chicken Flock - Chicken sound Effects for Alarm

7 мес. назад

What a colorful rooster! RooScribe on my Sunday chicken videos.

Super Fast Chicken Sounds - It's Going 2 Fast - Rooster Crowing 100% Faster

1 г. назад

ROOSTER CROWING SUPER FAST! Top ten rooster crowing sound compilation twice as faster. You will see different rooster breeds and their funny speed up ...

Chicken and Rooster Videos - Rooster Crowing - Chicken Videos for Children to Watch

2 г. назад

Who's the boss? Small but loud rooster...chicken videos for children to watch. More rooster crowing videos: ...

What Food Chickens Eat the Most? Best Food for Chicken - Chicken Feed Test

4 мес. назад

What food chickens like the most? This is a quick quiz for you to guess what they like the most and compare it with others. I put wheat, corn and barley in three ...

Top 25 Rooster Crowing Compilation - Real Animal Sound Alarm - Chicken Sound - Rooster Crowing

2 г. назад

ROOSTER CROWING COMPILATION is a collection of all the rooster videos I recorded in my life. This is the best natural alarm clock in my life and now you can ...

Relaxing 12 Minutes of Chicken and Rooster Zen Videos - Chicken Sounds

1 г. назад

Cool farm animal video of a backyard farm animals for kids to watch. This is 12 minutes of zen chickens and their rooster. You can see the rooster has relay shiny ...

Big Old Proud Rooster Posing - Chicken and Rooster Videos for Kids to Watch

2 г. назад

This light brown rooster is the oldest on the farm. He is not afraid of anything not even unknown person. To watch more kids videos about animals RooScribe for ...

Fresh Figs vs. Chicken Food - What is Tastier For The Rooster? Chicken Quiz in The Real World

1 г. назад

I found this beautiful 6 years old rooster in my friends backyard. I was wondering what will happen if I feed him with tasty figs hanging on a nearby tree. You will ...

Young rooster waiting for a perfect opportunity to jump on chicken

3 г. назад

My new young rooster is patiently waiting for the opportunity to get the chance of mating. When the old roo goes away he grabs the moment and jumps.

Rooster Crowing Compilation - Rooster Crowing - Young Rooster Sound Effect Alarm - Chicken Animal

3 г. назад

ROOSTER CROW! I am making the biggest rooster sound effect library on the internet just for you to enjoy the world of animals. . If you like it please subscribe ...

Big White Leghorn Rooster With a Giant Wattle - Rooster Crowing in the Morning - Rooster Noises

11 мес. назад

Leghorn chickens and roosters are adventurous, spirited, friendly and wondrous egg-layers. First developed in Livorno (Italian for “Leghorn”) in Tuscany and ...

Funny Animal Compilations - Roosters Feeling the Beat - Animal Jam

2 г. назад

Rooster animal jam compilation is funny video of roosters that I recorded and made them dance on the beat. I love to dance and that's why I had to do this ...

Cute Black Rooster - Kosovo Longcrower - Black Roosters

1 г. назад

On my trip to Balkan I found this beautiful black rooster with special comb that looks like devils horn. He is old and he stopped crowing years ago. You can check ...

Relaxing Chicken Videos - Young Roosters Growing Up - Chicken and Rooster Sound

5 мес. назад

Enough of internet fuss? Wanna see some relaxing animal videos? Check young chicken and rooster backyard life video. For more rooster videos check this ...

Noisy Neighbor Payback PRANK Plus - Rooster Crowing Sound Remix - Loud Neighbors Revenge

1 г. назад

Loud neighbors revenge is a video of 25 different rooster crowing non-stop one hour. This rooster sound remix will give you payback satisfaction and will make ...

Rooster Crowing Compilation Duet Plus - Rooster Sounds Effect Alarm - Chicken Sounds

2 г. назад

This two roosters are crowing and measuring their voice strength. They say roosters only cock-a-doodle-doo in the morning but this is not true. Roosters can and ...